secularism in a sentence

Example sentences for secularism

The split between legal secularism and values evangelicalism was not born in a day.
Central to this resurgence of religious partisanship was the call for the faith-based values that secularism had displaced.
Their big worry now is not secularism but the economy.
Secularism was not as modern as many intellectuals imagined, but pluralism is.
Baathist secularism promoted such modernising trends as inter-faith marriage and scientific education.
Whenever you have an electorate that is predominantly religious in its outlook, any notion of secularism quickly evaporates.
Oh yes, they talk well, say the right things about democracy and secularism.
The study does seem to indicate a positive correlation between education level and secularism.
The modernizing elites decided on secularism and democracy.
But supporters of the mainstream parties are not voting for secularism.
They have to live together in a nation that respects diversity, democracy and secularism in government.
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