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It is not allowed in a religious space, but it is not forbidden in secular space.
He acted with a clear political purpose, one that he shared with much of the mainstream religious and secular right.
Married, religious people are more likely than secular singles to be happy.
But straight couples have the choice of a civil or a religious ceremony whereas gays are stuck with an underwhelming secular one.
Today the site also draws secular travelers-almost a million a year.
Secular universities have cynically forsaken biblical studies.
If they teach radical secular ideology, they get all the government support they can possibly give them.
There are alternative, secular ways to view the world.
The rest is speculation based on secular humanistic beliefs.
Unfortunately, it isn't the secular side of the debate which is framing the argument.
We may have a true secular society, and maybe even world someday.
The best way to control population is to educate people within a secular society.
Since the ego is irrepressible-and secular-it tends to bulge in odd shapes when religiously straitened.
All political forms, he writes, are best understood as sacred ideas in secular dress.
The head of the laboratory is a secular humanist, and the two become entangled.
The authors set about to solve the problems of a modern secular culture.
They are the perfect representatives of the secular spirit of modern industrialism.
The presenters did differ on where a secular morality might come from.
So far these revolts have appeared to be largely secular in character.
But if the state performed baptism, they'd come up with secular reasons too.
It is the result of cyclical economic gloom combined with a secular rise in pressure on rich countries' borders.
Some would wish to install a new strongman and wait for him to create the conditions for a secular democracy.
But what also stands out in the above is the secular decline in moves across state borders.
The three main secular parties in the ruling coalition have kept quiet.
The university's secular society has also protested.
They know they will find people who have the same values and integrity that they may not find in the secular market place.
Plus, he had many characterization problems of his own, so he was secular in his relations.
His investment convictions spring from an unflappable confidence in his ability to spot emerging secular trends.
To adherents, fundamentalism offers a moral refuge from the vulgarities of the secular, modern world.

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