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He was a non-majority, sectional president, put in office by wealthy interest in which he worked for as a corporate lawyer.
As a historian, she is free from narrow national and sectional prejudices.
The evidence you cited was cross-sectional and pooled the richest with the poorest countries.
In the filaments, the same cross-sectional pattern of holes is preserved, but on a microscopic scale.
But there are powers in the land that governments must be prepared to get across if sectional interests are not to run loose.
Teasing causation from cross-sectional data is challenging.
Sectional tensions had begun spilling over into research and education.
Moreover, he has been able to adapt it to his imaginative purposes without political or sectional bluster.
The debate as to whether to initiate a national census, for example, was along sectional lines.
We are sitting in the parlor on a brown sectional sofa strewn with brown pillows beneath bare brown walls.
Experiments, cross-sectional studies, and longitudinal studies are the ways in which hypotheses are tested.
The drag coefficient is lower and the cross sectional area is smaller.
Effect of antioxidants on knee cartilage and bone in healthy, middle-aged subjects: a cross-sectional study.
We have almost our whole team back from last year, so our goal is to win a sectional championship and/or a county championship.

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