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Many insurgencies and ethnic or sectarian wars are also civil wars.
The sectarian chasms remain deep, the wounds of strife raw.
Most of the population is divided between three ethnic or sectarian groups.
Sectarian hatred, initially played up by the regime to rally support from other minorities, is becoming a reality.
It feeds on sectarian strife, lax policing and anti-Western hatred.
The government may make some progress on social policy, but will skirt issues that could stir up sectarian disputes.
Meanwhile, the sectarian violence has continued to grow.
Despite the cabinet's formation, sectarian tensions remain a serious concern.
The intimate sectarian violence is over, but lots of people are unhappy.
They have rejected sectarian war, and they have no interest in endless destruction.
Across the country, religious and sectarian violence claims lives daily.
Each side accuses the other of stoking sectarian tension.
The industry also worries about the infectious nature of sectarian tensions.
Neighbouring governments this time must also do more to dampen sectarian and ethnic tensions.
But that does not mean his brand of non-sectarian politics has prevailed.
And for the time being the country's politics is not riven violently along sectarian lines.
Religious intolerance has also manifested itself in a horrifying wave of sectarian violence.
Sectarian rifts appear to be intensifying in these areas.
They see them as a good way to fight sectarian violence.
People know it is taboo to say openly that a sectarian problem exists.
And the result was a vicious cycle of sectarian violence that continues today.
They squabble over money, power, ideology and sectarian issues.
Whatever the truth of the accusation, though, it played to sectarian fears on both sides.
No longer defined by bomb blasts and sectarian strife, the city is reaching for new, peaceful symbols.
We're particularly concerned about increasing reports of provocative acts and sectarian violence by all groups.
Any benefit to the school, much less to its sectarian parent organization, is incidental and slight.
Nothing herein shall authorize such acceptance or use for religious or sectarian purposes.
Unfortunately, there have been no convictions of perpetrators of sectarian violence.
First, sectarian divisions delayed the formation of a permanent government and created a political vacuum.

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