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When cracks form, the bacteria wake from dormancy and secrete limestone, in effect healing the concrete.
Scientists have discovered that certain caterpillars manufacture and secrete their own insect repellent, a new study shows.
Zebra tarantulas secrete silk through their feet to increase traction, scientists say.
On each tomato seed, tiny hairs called trichomes secrete the goo that encases them.
In response to high levels of glucose in the blood, the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas secrete the hormone insulin.
Oriental fire-bellied toads secrete toxins from their skin, and they want potential predators to know it.
Many animals secrete more melatonin when the long nights of winter arrive.
Mice secrete these chemicals in urine and mark their territory, much as dogs do.
There is a secrete in human body that modern medicine cannot find.
There they secrete an array of chemicals intended to limit any infection.
These group-saving individuals secrete a polymer that enables bunches of individuals to form floating mats.
Cancer cells secrete a particularly powerful protein to encourage the growth of blood vessels.
Dozens of earthworm species from all over the world can secrete a glowing slime, thought to startle predators.
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But these newts secrete tetrodotoxin in their skins.
The gene's role seems to be to export substances out of the cells that secrete earwax.
And unlike dieting, the surgery cannot shrink overloaded fat cells, which secrete harmful chemicals into the bloodstream.
Early in life the cystic fibrosis patients begin to secrete thick mucus that clogs the airways of their lungs.
Ovaries also secrete the important reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone.
Parkinson's disease results from a loss of cells that secrete dopamine, a brain chemical essential for normal movement.
When disturbed, sea hares secrete a purple ink to defend themselves.
Instead, in time another two rocks can bang together to create another bag of chemicals that will eat, secrete and procreate.
Most species secrete seven or eight types of silk for different purposes.
Many tropical frog species secrete compounds known as alkaloids to protect themselves from predators and prevent infections.
When the body grows new tissue, cells secrete fibronectin--a strong, stretchy type of protein that acts as a supportive scaffold.
Other researchers are genetically engineering algae that secrete oil.
These secrete hydrogen sulfide, a gas which is poisonous to animal life.
As they move about they secrete a chemical substance called a pheromone that leaves a scent along the path they are following.
Aphids feed on the milkweed's sap, then secrete honeydew, which ants eat.
The bacteria ferment sugars and secrete gluey polymers that form the basis of plaque.
The eyes, researchers say, secrete a mucus that lubricates skin surfaces for increased swimming speed.
They secrete chemicals and even make noises that make the red ants believe they are wayward grubs.
Trophoblastic cells secrete hcg, and by measuring levels of hcg in the blood, doctors can monitor the course of disease.
After drinking a pint of beer at lunch, he would go out for a two- or three-mile walk and then gently secrete.

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