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In the old days, the clientele included spies and secret police.
His secret police were everywhere, but so were his handouts.
Oil installations will need to be protected, weapons depots guarded, and secret police files preserved.
But people can only get shot at by secret police so many times before they're likely to start shooting back.
Your social media imprint can implicate you much more easily than an army of secret police.
The secret police flock there too, for the same reasons, and also to investigate the strangers.
And they were more persistent than the secret police.
During the night, too, he'd somehow been on a cross-country run and then been expertly beaten up by secret police.
The secret police was around, but it wasn't too obtrusive.
He made it a practice to bump off whoever served as head of his secret police.
But all countries needed a secret police and an intelligence organization.
At one checkpoint, the secret police tried to arrest my local interpreter.
Even the totalitarian ruler needs a power basis, the secret police and its net of informers.
Not even the ubiquitous secret police could disrupt the world of sound.
Both were run by quasi-dictators, complete with strict censorship and a pervasive secret police.
The notoriously nasty secret police are on a tighter leash.
He reveals the concealed cupboard where the secret police found his stash of sacred texts.
Seeing threats in every corner, the governor has turned to the secret police, who have survived the uprising remarkably unscathed.
Having faced down the communist-era secret police, he is not scared of a lawsuit against his caustic blog.
These typically involve a public figure's real or alleged collaboration with the communist secret police.
The secret police infiltrated all levels of society.
One opposing candidate found himself in the custody of the secret police.
They called for an end to dictatorship, to censorship, and to the secret police.
Yet, none of those secret police organizations did possess supreme power in the respective countries.
The secret police was enlisted to enforce the party's ideology and to suppress dissent.
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