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Bribery, betting and betrayal are the order of the day, and secret negotiations and clandestine plots abound.
Design a lampshade with a secret bloom that stays hidden till you switch on the light.
Artifacts also illuminate the group's potlatches, secret societies and open-sea whaling.
After ruling out diet, scientists discover the secret behind blue feathers lies inside how the feathers are made.
But truly devoted caregivers have learned a great secret, which is that kindness is replenished by the act of practicing it.
The secret to efficient swimming, they found, was vorticity control.
The public reaction to the scandal helped to change electoral history and establish the secret ballot.
It's no secret that race-based affirmative action in higher education faces a crisis of legitimacy.
It is an open and ugly secret that many colleges still weigh such factors in faculty hiring decisions.
Other than that, there's not some secret place that writing groups hide.
Guilt cannot keep its own secret, suicide is confession.
For it is a secret both in nature and state, that it is safer to change many things than one.
At last she gave way, and in secret and in stealth indulged.
They cross-examined the saints for their attestation of miracle and prophecy, but omitted to discover the secret of their life.
The secret powers of nature are generally discovered unsolicited.
He has lost the secret of the older devices, and does not understand the new which were about to usurp their place.
Yet though the book thus challenged curiosity, the secret seems to have been well enough kept.
The secret of being tiresome is in telling everything.
Honeybee hives may hold a secret to fighting cavities, researchers say.
Modern techniques for encrypting information come in one of two types: secret-key encryption and public-key encryption.
The patent bar is a priesthood with its own secret dialect, intelligible only to initiates.
But a heavier version, known as the strange quark, could be the secret ingredient in these stars.
The night sky was absolutely dazzling, and the millions of stars overhead enticed me out to enjoy them in secret.
The beguiling simplicity of crêpes is the secret of their lasting popularity.
The simple secret is an inexpensive rope light wrapped in dried corn husks.
The secret to a super-juicy portabella burger is gravity.
You'll never guess the secret ingredient that gives them extra snap and crackle.
Then jurors vote for the best varieties by secret ballot and are instructed to give disease-resistance high priority.
It's as if, after all of this driving, we've arrived at a secret inland ocean.
Click ahead for the secret to this cost-saving path and more ideas for your own garden getaway.
The secret is to control them before populations get out of hand.
Traditionally, journals were private or even secret affairs, and were never linked to other journals.
It's so secret that members of the public are banned from using it.
Now chefs, as a rule, don't hold on to any particular secret tricks.
The secret to mixing together the ultimate pie filling is to start with ingredients that are at their seasonal peak.
Bears may hold the secret to keeping our bones healthy.
The secret to smooth talking, neuroscientists say, is to not think before you speak.
Behind these ghostly sensations lies the secret of touch.
Honeybees may not have much brain, but they do have a secret.
My views on religion and its incompatibility with reason are far from a secret on this blog.
Five hundred years ago he studied and dissected birds, trying to find the secret of flight.
The neural code of vision is a secret language between the eyes and the brain.
It's no secret that an alarming number of species around the world, especially vertebrates, are in trouble.
From vampire bats to parasitic catfish, a new book spells out the secret lives of plasma-loving beasts.
The priest then speaks through the horse's head and is able to divulge the secret of the drink.
Until its official opening today, the building's exact height was a closely held secret known by only a few people.
It's no secret that money tends to bolster the emotional dysfunction that exists in all families.
Though she and her staff made every effort to keep the story secret, news of it inevitably leaked.
No president has ever relied so extensively on the stealthy, secret killing of individuals on the battlefield.
The secret proceedings of book clubs in the city and beyond.
All writers have some secret about the way they work.
No, a poem is a secret shared by people who have never met each other.
Whatever the merits of these policies they are based on a long-standing, but still mostly secret, strategy.
The secret: leveraging the fluorescence already present in white paper.
New research suggests that the secret of their longevity is in their ability to maintain the health of proteins in their cells.
The new process--details of which remain secret--produces wafers directly from molten silicon without any sawing.
Both approaches could do a good job of protecting privacy and preserving the secret ballot.
The rest of the recipe is a secret while the group's patent is pending.
That's because everybody on the network has to swap a secret key with everybody else to ensure they can chat securely.
It's no secret that current antivirus software has trouble detecting the latest threats.
The secret is the only thing that these fine mathematical fellows have worth concealing is not worth a farthing.
But only those with a private key can decrypt the messages and this, of course, is kept secret.
The sonic cannons were developed by the german secret weapons programs and will be used for the crowd control.
These undercover consumers are known as mystery shoppers or secret shoppers.

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