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One of the barriers to publishing a story about diamond growers is that almost everyone involved is touchy about secrecy.
If the labs were so wonderful, they wouldn't have ridiculous secrecy and walls with no windows where they keep the animals.
But his private phobias about germs and secrecy were something else again.
There was such a great loss of life that it was a tightly held secret at the time, and that secrecy lingered.
The team employed secrecy to cover their tracks and protect the site from future plunderers.
The secrecy has spawned environmentalists' efforts to make such data more publicly accessible.
But strict secrecy is critical to its continued existence and safety.
Trust for the nuclear industry is about a cultural paradigm change from secrecy and control to open and shared operations.
Data secrecy clouds judgments of lethal injection.
Even in nature animals have to have some kind of secrecy to operate.
The overview of privacy issues doesn't mention business secrecy.
Intellectual property laws do not protect the secrecy of technology, quite the opposite.
Terrorism only sets everyone back to more barbaric levels, and more secrecy and underhandedness.
Secrecy is of no benefit to science nor to the making of public policy.
The deeper problem with the nothing-to-hide argument is that it myopically views privacy as a form of secrecy.
To ignore the sin of lying and blame someone who is trying to cut through the veil of secrecy is reprehensible.
And college administrators have become frustrated with the project's secrecy.
Students are inventive at c, but not all that great at secrecy.
It should surprise no one that unethical practices and misrepresentations flourish in secrecy.
Other regressive regimes also found such censors and other apologists--and willing agents--of secrecy and repression.
The goal of the service is to shed light on the one key component of the admissions process that remains shrouded in secrecy.
Anonymity and secrecy are always the adjuncts of deceit.
The announcement prefatory to these dialogues makes a great to-do of secrecy in connection with their publication.
Notwithstanding the strictest secrecy observed by all, it was found impossible to remain long there.
Those few chosen persons to whom he is pleased to reveal himself, are called to adore him in the closest secrecy and silence.
Clever writers who start fashions in the literary world should take account of this secrecy of the reader's position.
One confided to me, in strictest secrecy, that the counter-revolution would begin at midnight.
Perhaps the biggest warning sign was the secrecy with which the investment business was conducted.
In the longer term the odds are stacked against secrecy, particularly in countries that practise openness in other areas.
But that secrecy was only nominal: the story was public soon afterwards.
The secrecy of the enterprises has fostered redundancy and miscommunication.
The government's actions lie hidden beneath hundreds of tonnes of secrecy, and beyond easy measurement.
The same worries surround secrecy in family-law cases.
Those higher up the rungs appear to be treated better-though they, too, are sworn to secrecy.
If necessary, this may be gained by promising lifetime secrecy to those who provide it.
Every other country complains about your bank-secrecy laws.
Giant hydropower companies, with impeccable political connections, add their own layer of secrecy.
The government's action, so far ordered only orally, has been shrouded in secrecy.
But some people are already accusing it of excessive secrecy and being too ambitious about the changes it proposes.
The work is a meditation on the nature of secrecy and the elusiveness of truth, its message written entirely in code.
Its publication makes sense only from the perspective that all secrecy is wrong and should be resisted.
The weird laws of quantum mechanics allow cryptographers to create codes that guarantee perfect secrecy.
Because of the secrecy of such investigations, it's impossible to know how many such subpoenas have actually been issued.
So these kinds of messages would be useful for short term secrecy.
And even a happy marriage requires secrecy and a little deception.
In other words, the citizen soldiers use distributed knowledge to overcome the dangers of government secrecy.
The culture of secrecy has fascinated observers and participants for decades.
As the press speculated about new features, the company's added to the mystique by guarding the new designs with military secrecy.
In some cases, secrecy isn't contrived, but an actual symptom of an act coming from out of nowhere.
In their social requisites, secrecy and science are enemies.
One is that plans to add new layers of secrecy to security systems should automatically be viewed with suspicion.
Khan's personal history is obscured as much by adulation as by secrecy.
The secrecy that surrounds offshore drilling rigs is another limiting factor.
In the age of transparency it is interesting that science naturally has a culture of some secrecy.
On the grand scale you have problems of coordination across agencies where secrecy and confidentiality are of the essence.
There is a good reason why these have been singled out for secrecy.
Covert activities and a culture of secrecy are now taken for granted.
It is a firm that has long prided itself on its secrecy and general unshowiness.
Family and close friends knew about the marriage, but were sworn to secrecy.
Moreover, the substance of the arguments they used to justify this level of secrecy was and is secret itself.
So science is a poor instrument of secrecy and repression.
Under conditions of great secrecy, factories were set up, to manufacture the new chemical by the ton.
Secrecy is one of the shadier sides of private and public life.
But the reign of illusions has replaced the reign of secrecy.
So, yes, journalists should certainly strive to prevent abuses of the culture of secrecy.
The official secrecy surrounding the bomb gave rise to many wild speculations.
The intense secrecy that has enshrouded it would not have been necessary if there had not been a desire to employ illegal tactics.
There are many other issues that outsiders can only dimly perceive through the veil of secrecy.
But my father demanded the strictest secrecy and no one would ever dare challenge his authority.
But in the first period of their existence, neither their secrecy nor their isolation was complete.
The secret ingredient is too compelling for actual secrecy.

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