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Before using cut flowers in arrangements, dip stems in boiling water or hold in a flame for a few seconds to prevent sap bleed.
Within a few seconds, the nori will soften and turn green.
His eloquent tongue so well seconds his fertile invention that no one speaks better when suddenly called forth.
The seconds set to, along with their principals, as in the older duel.
Obviously for these few seconds she was in her absent state.
These observations, though they have taken so great a space to be set down in, were yet the work of a few seconds.
The seconds pendulum of the clock performs one vibration in two seconds, or a half vibration in one direction per second.
For the first time in the proceedings there was for a few seconds a real silence.
We walked up to where she had been lying and found in her bed another fawn, evidently but a few seconds old.
In flying they usually gave a dozen rapid wing-beats, and then sailed for a few seconds.
It then stands motionless for a few seconds, and offers a chance for a steady shot.
While in groups, animals from birds to mongooses employ a lookout that makes a sound every few seconds to signal that all's well.
But in seconds, his father's arms enveloped him, pulling him into a long-overdue embrace.
The doe could have run down her quarry in seconds, but she was not trying to catch the coyote, only shoo it away.
Our crampons were tightly strapped, along with our harnesses, which were buckled within seconds.
Within a few seconds, all the kids were shuffling across the parking lot.
We could hear his clanging along the sides of the pot for a few seconds.
Within seconds, the new wood is ablaze, and the sap rumbles back up to a frothing boil.
In fact, the first films consisted of one shot that lasted sixty seconds or less.
Seconds later comes a reply saying whether the drug is genuine.
We had absorbed a year's maximum allowance of radiation in one minute and twenty-nine seconds.
The process takes less than two seconds, meaning fewer queues.
German power companies also have much capacity in reserve that can be brought online in seconds.
The prime minister used up precious seconds of his closing address to complain about the format.
Such events would outshine the sun for a few seconds and then vanish.
Now a new industry standard promises to be able to identify pirated material with phenomenal accuracy in a matter of seconds.
No matter what the setting, holding the power button down for more than a few seconds will switch any computer off completely.
It takes only a few seconds to choose and buy something from an online store, but several days for it then to reach the purchaser.
Fiona, another tenured academic poster, seconds that advice.
He stared at me for a couple of seconds and his eyes got big.
Remember that employers review each résumé for only a few seconds.
As the train was about to take turn, had only few seconds to take this picture.
All lives were likely extinguished within a matter of seconds.
The flywheels can respond to a signal from the grid in four seconds.
Shots to the heart or brain or any other normally sensitive body part heal in seconds.
And it was in some matter of seconds that everything was in control.
They typically affect the large muscles of the legs during or immediately after exercise and last for seconds to a few minutes.
Full reload of all five cartridges takes all of two seconds.
Within seconds, a string of perfect painted gray pearls hangs hom the lady's throat, im- peccable down to the smallest highlight.
One look at me and she dived for the bushes-total contact time, perhaps four seconds.
The scenery is impressive for a few seconds at a time, but that is all.
From the opening seconds of the rec- ord, it is clear that this is the product of an omnivorous sensibility.
In some instances, it's been reported, drivers have mistakenly continued to press the accelerator for up to twelve seconds.
From the opening seconds of the album, it's clear that it is the product of an omnivorous sensibility.
Seconds later, the ant turned around and disappeared back into the mask.
Cigarette butts litter the dim stairwell, and the rickety elevator takes fifteen seconds too long for comfort.
Everyone's forgotten about him for a few seconds, the way it happens sometimes.
It consists of one upward-arcing phrase lasting ten bars and around thirty seconds.
It took me fifteen minutes to get there, for an interview that lasted about ninety seconds.
He could run you up and down long staircases of sound in ten seconds.
The first problem is that it ends after only two minutes and forty-seven seconds.
The seconds grew and grew-making more room for me- stretching huge as hospitals.
He was agile, and in daylight could scale this keenly balanced mound in fifteen seconds.
Nowadays, candidates get only a few seconds to parse complex issues.
Seconds only, until the moment collapses and you turn away.
The bullet marks that appear so ominously in the wall seconds before the fatal volley are round.
He closes his eyes and visualizes the entire sequence of his fall, dilating the seven seconds into eleven or twelve.
Five seconds meant five seconds, no matter who measured it or where.
Many seconds later came the sound, which varied from a dull thud to a sharp crack.
In the first seconds the unprotected skin around the face protests and then goes numb.
The autopilot disengaged, and the airplane sailed on as before for another four seconds.
Within seconds, the fierce fire had split his team and injured a number of soldiers.
Jared was able to make a huge adjustment in seconds.
Every few seconds a blast from live-fire drills rattled the windows.
But he's unconscious for all but two seconds of the second episode.
Imagine a cell-phone battery that recharges in a few seconds and that you would never have to replace.
Within seconds, bubbles begin to flow-oxygen from one side, hydrogen from the other.
Within seconds, the officer makes a decision and beams a signal back to the tag.
Because the enzyme sits on the cell surface, this reaction occurs within seconds.
But the quake struck the tracks three seconds later, before the train had lost much velocity.
The reactions take seconds, compared to days for some other processes.
These bursts have x-ray afterglows which sometimes decay quickly and in other cases plateau for tens of thousands of seconds.
By displaying a search's ads onscreen a couple of seconds sooner, the frequency of users clicking on those ads could only go up.
Using seconds-old data to tailor content automatically is the next step.
Instead, the sending device must wait a long time-on the order of seconds-for a time-out to alert it to the failure.
Or a crime scene that can be re-created within seconds.
It may take up to three seconds longer to complete a transaction that involves pennies.
On the scale of seconds to hours, the brain must use some other strategy.
Within seconds the barium blossomed into a giant yellow-green fireball, even bigger and brighter than a full moon.
Then the engines will switch on for a few seconds to prove they work.
The slipperier-than-skin suits may cut times by as much as one to three seconds.
In seconds, what had been a disjointed clinical story clicked into focus.
The drug is effective for only a few seconds before the body breaks it down, but one dose was enough.
In real life you wouldn't wind up floating amid the clouds with someone seconds after the touch of a foot.
Ultrasound can find blood in the abdomen in seconds.
Normal surface waves typically crest every few feet and move up and down every few seconds.
The rupture may grow for a few seconds to up to a minute depending on the size of the event.
Within seconds, all the houses on both sides of the street collapsed.
Once beaten, it will cook within seconds of hitting the pan and you won't have time to stir it to form those large curds.

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