second hand in a sentence

Example sentences for second hand

Take a close look at the numerals on the second hand indicator.
If you are not crafty, you should check out consignment shops for second hand costumes.
Such instruction even at second hand, will place you in quite an unusual position for forming a judgment.
Draw from the spring-head, and take not things at second hand.
Better yet, the payout for winning the second hand is automatically doubled.
His info would not have come from directly within the search committee, but is second hand or even third hand.
Everything about it is either second best or second hand.
Complaining about the health issues of second hand smoke at an airport is demonstrating a complete inability to understand risk.
One minute, the second hand is moving at one speed, and the next it has sped up or slowed down.
He got his information the same way his colleagues from other news organizations did-at second hand.
They would feel awkward having to figure out what to do with their second hand.
They did not live their lives at second hand, dependent on cinemas and wireless.
Armchair warriors who have never performed such feats can nonetheless become connoisseurs of them at second hand.
The book's so good, it's even fascinating second hand.

Famous quotes containing the word second hand

A man should be just cultured enough to be able to look with suspicion upon culture at first, not second handmore
Miss Weare attended on Lady Dellwyn as her shadow. And as she had before received a great deal of flattery at seco... more
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