second best in a sentence

Example sentences for second best

Wind is the second best emission free energy source next nuclear.
Not pursuing an academic career can be seen as settling for second best, if not downright failure.
Five years ago, they were the second best way to do almost any problem.
Second best, extension of the unemployment insurance.
Everything about it is either second best or second hand.
In the upcoming week, don't settle for second best or merely punch the time clock.
The second best solution would be to only require them at the time the account is opened and at the time the notice is changed.
The second best thing is too get out of your car immediately if you are caught unexpectedly in running water.
If the high fares are taken as given, it might then be second best efficient to restrict the number of cabs.

Famous quotes containing the word second best

It is the best of all trades to make songs, and the second best to sing them.... more
I don't think I would ever write a book with what anybody could call pornography in it, because I feel that pornography ... more
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