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Example sentences for seclusion

It does not mean absolute seclusion or hostility to the world.
Country cottage designed for a duchess, enveloped in wooded seclusion.
You'll find the same seclusion the stars sought on this typically uncrowded stretch.
The spring breeze blew from the cobalt water, and the tropical trees gave the house a sense of seclusion.
Offering seclusion from ocean winds, it's perfect for picnics and soaking up the sun.
Over the years, she has gradually withdrawn into a seclusion shared by an ever-increasing number of stray cats.
The feeling of seclusion is enhanced by the absence of television or radio.
It was built for the seclusion of monastic life, and it still looks forbidding and unapproachable.
The two bedroom cottage at the back of the parcel also maintains privacy and a certain amount of seclusion.
He alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress, intrusion upon seclusion, and civil conspiracy.
To the constructive imagination there are some immortal feats which are possible only in seclusion.
Notwithstanding her seclusion and her piety, it was easy to see that she took delight in pleasing.
His seclusion came to an end in a distinctly providential manner.
The philanthropist is in seclusion now-friends say he is stunned and distressed-but his is a story that deserves telling.
Seclusion might be needed to put puzzle pieces together.
Oceanfront hotels can offer beautiful panoramic views, convenience to beach activities or peaceful seclusion.
State park cabins are available for those dreaming of the seclusion of nature.
The hotel provides seclusion without being far from the activities of the downtown area.
It provided protection and seclusion from the outside world, as well as a stunning view overlooking the sea.
Reporting hospital patient deaths in seclusion, restraints.
Consumers have the right to be free from seclusion and restraint, including chemical restraint.
The program has led to significant reductions in use of restraints and seclusion and to fewer injuries to staff and patients.

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