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Because they are secluded and withdrawn, as their name implies, the brown recluse avoids open spaces.
The more secluded the location, the more appealing it seems.
Many look longingly at the more secluded world of private equity.
For an even more remote experience, opt for one of the eight secluded cottages that dot the property.
Every garden should offer a secluded place to relax.
Pick a secluded corner of your home and create a backdrop using a curtain over the door or a set of dowel rods.
Wood-beam ceilings, traditional furnishings, and secluded garden.
Your best bet is to find a secluded one since you'll be using it for awhile.
The grounds boasted a secluded lodge and a forest reserved for hunting deer and other game.
Punishment will only teach your puppy to find a more secluded area in your house to go in.
Located down a gated and private driveway you will find a secluded garden paradise.
Ride through backcountry, rugged terrain, forests and red bluffs and discover secluded ponds and meadows.
Think of the imperial grounds as a splendid but secluded village.
Someone was out there in the meadow, lurking around his secluded house in the middle of the night.
Name an affliction of the human mind, and you can probably find its avatar on this sprucy, secluded island.
Though secluded, the region has already felt enough pressure from human activity to drive some animals to near extinction.
Dark, secluded wine cellar, north of the city center.
Secluded and quietly elegant, it has a spectacular garden in back, with a pool tucked in amid hundred-year-old trees.
He flew home and spent a week in a secluded cabin trying to figure out whether he had the makings of an elite athlete.
For the departed, notable or notorious, burial places as secluded and as shaded as estates in life.
Usually, this secluded spot offers a haven, but today a photographer snaps away while a reporter hovers nearby.
The resort's secluded location attracts many that come to celebrate their wedding or to spend their honeymoon.
Wooden tent decks are located in more secluded areas of the campground.
Towering evergreen trees, thundering waterfalls and secluded mountain trails make for the perfect romantic getaway destination.
Secluded tent sites are available along the creek, some with on-site water and electricity.
The cabins are tucked away in the forested wilderness and are quite secluded.
Situated in a secluded, wooded area, the cabin features a master bedroom with a king-size bed and a loft with a double bed.
The spot is quiet and secluded but within five minutes of grocery stores and gas stations.
Most cabins have a secluded stretch of private beach to enjoy while there as well.
Although some of the campsites are secluded, even they offer only limited protection from the occasional desert winds.
One of the important things is that the driver searches for a secluded place to stop.
Check out the stylish jewelry kiosk and the secluded lobby bar.
Add to this a large practice putting green and a secluded practice range, and the package is complete.
Camp sites are well secluded from each other and have fire pits for open fires.
Be alert for birds that you may not be able to see around guano-covered rocks and pinnipeds hauled out on secluded beaches.
Secluded in peaceful woodlands are two-bedroom, fully equipped family cottages.
Linger here for a while, and experience the ambiance of this secluded mountain retreat.
In the wild, sharks tend to give birth in secluded areas.
Secluded in a tranquil forest setting, a beautiful two-tiered waterfall tumbles over rock cliffs to a pool below.
The family dining room, part of the governor's private quarters, boasts a brilliant view of a secluded brick-walled garden.
The site is located in a secluded area, contributing to the preservation of the site's historic integrity.
The birth place may be a secluded spot beneath an uprooted tree or in a rocky depression.
Anglers seeking a more secluded experience can hike one of the inner canyon routes.

Famous quotes containing the word secluded

the little street Into its gloom retires, secluded and shy.... more
Learning has been as great a Loser by being shut up in Colleges and Cells, and secluded from the World and ... more
A too-fluent green Suggested malice in the dry machine Of ocean, pondering dank stratagem. Who then beheld the figures ... more
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