secession in a sentence

Example sentences for secession

The tension over money abetted talk of secession and an unusually divisive political season this fall.
His reluctance to make definitive public statements on the secession crisis was an ongoing theme in his remarks on this journey.
The political virus of secession was planted there long before the disease broke out here.
But he drew the line-a bright, sharp line, defended by arms if necessary-at anything that even hinted at secession.
No one then dreamed of four years' war, but every one dreamed of secession.
It should be kept in mind that comparatively few of those who won renown on the field were promoters of rebellion or secession.
They regarded secession as treason, and emancipation as a noble cause.
They stand accused of alleged atrocities during the country's war of secession, and face possible execution.
The current sharing arrangement, designed for a single sovereign country, is likely to change after secession.

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I now have next to no hope of a restoration of the old Union.... If it is the settled and final judgment of any slave St... more
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