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Dashi is a brilliant concoction based on kelp, a seaweed and dried bonito flakes.
Sunlight penetrates the shallow waters, and many kinds of organisms flourish-from microscopic shrimp to giant seaweed called kelp.
Bull kelp is the fastest growing seaweed in the world.
In that time, overfishing has allowed seaweed and algae to grow unchecked, smothering coral worldwide.
Rose from their seaweed chamber the choir of the mystical sea-maids.
Noble descent and worth, unless united with wealth, are esteemed no more than seaweed.
Initial trials using a seaweed derivative failed, and might even have made things worse.
There are other reports that the sharks would sometimes slip off of the platform and get tangled in a bed of seaweed.
Yet the strangest thing on the menu is not chicken at all, but seaweed.
We can't wait to find out more about the surf smelt and seaweed they're planning to forage, and the goat cheeses and yogurt.
One targeting only primary producers at the bottom of the food chain, such as seaweed, would have a trophic level of one.
Shortly after, a mysterious type of seaweed started growing in the pool.
These rings are caused animals such as fish and sea urchins, which munch on the algae and seaweed that cover the reef floor.
He makes his mortadella with carrageenan, a gel derived from red seaweed and used for years in toothpastes and puddings.
As a botanist he had studied seaweed, a large form of algae, but in the desert he would settle for single-celled species.
Seaweed is an excellent source of nutrition and is in many dishes here.
Using a spoon, deposit dollops on tuna on the dried seaweed.
Algae, whose larger forms are known as seaweed, are autotrophic.
They look fierce, but are actually gentle herbivores, surviving exclusively on underwater algae and seaweed.
They will occasionally eat algae and seaweed as well.
Parrotfish are also crucial to the health of coral reefs, because they are one of the few creatures that graze on seaweed.
The seaweed can sometimes be found on rocks above the water.
Others describe the flavor as a mix of seaweed and caviar.
Tide pools contain seaweed, a kind of algae, which uses photosynthesis to create food.
These thick mats of seaweed create underwater jungles that are home to fish, urchins, and other marine life.
Specialty rolls usually are wrapped in seaweed but diners may opt for soybean paper instead.
The new menu will include appetizers such as edamame, miso soup and sesame seaweed salad.
Appetizers and salads include stuffed avocado and the collard roll, seaweed and vitality soups, or kale or spinach salads.
Ocean-inspired treatment programs utilize seaweed and sea salt and minerals to gently sooth away soreness, stress and discomfort.

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