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If the gods were willing to let the banquet go forward, they would send favorable signs and the guests could be seated.
If guests were even five minutes late by the hall clock, they found the president and his company already seated.
The next time you find yourself seated in a roomful of strangers, take a close look at your nearest neighbor.
Both species have a deep-seated, innate fear of cats for obvious reasons.
Because deep-seated animosities against the wolf still exist, wolves face fiercer threats than other recovered species.
Seated on a stool with hands folded primly on its lap, it wore a bright pink blazer and gray slacks.
Rudeness is a clear indication of deep seated insecurities and a pathology for perceived domination and control.
Comfortably seated, you observe a strange experiment taking place.
With this methodology, participants are seated in a soundproof booth and different tones are presented through headphones.
The employee requires dexterity in using telephone, computer keyboard, mouse and calculator while seated at a desk.
Other students seem to disagree with the vocal group, but also stay seated.
Behind him, on a large screen, was a stock photo of two white college students seated at desks.
The large chapel's two-story interior is designed with a raised platform of which those seated in the balcony have a good view.
The host swung toward that wide table with several figures seated around it, their laptops perched at hand.
Also have writing materials, and be seated at a comfortable spot.
Well, it is a little late now as everyone is now seated.
The statues are life-size and show the seated goddess wearing a crown.
The researchers discovered that the crewmen were still seated at their posts when they died.
Most pubs do not require reservations nor do they expect you to wait to be seated.
The robot was built for three levels of crouching, from barely crouching to a deep-seated squat.
Then they jump on the sleigh and ride it while seated.
Those who do not will call on another student to take their place, and then be seated.
Seated smack in his own salad bowl, he couldn't be happier.
The shoulder-joint is deeply seated and cannot be palpated.
He had seated himself under a great tree by the side of a river to eat, when this sense of clear version came to him.
They seated themselves at tables and shouted out their orders.
They seated themselves there, and a maid brought water in a golden ewer and poured it over their hands into a silver basin.
He then seated himself on some branches and rejoiced.
Common and deep-seated beliefs, widespread norms, and behavior and performance standards are enemies of new ideas.
The farther back that members of a congregation are seated in a synagogue, the harder it is for them to hear.
Europeans have deep-seated reasons for their devotion to stopping fraud and their rapid adoption of smart cards.
Once seated, you will be waited on and served instantly.
We looked at what the other customers, seated on stools at low wooden tables around the kitchen, were eating and made our choice.
The experiments included would-be car buyers who, when seated in a cushy chair, were less likely to drive a stiff bargain.
German dialects, formed by geography and political and religious fragmentation, express deep-seated cultural differences.
Eventually, each was told he had been paired with an anonymous partner seated in a different room.
It even includes a famous broadcaster seated at his microphone.
Guests are seated in clumps according to their affiliations.
But the reluctance to aggressively and closely monitor potentially-dangerous individuals is more broad and deep-seated.
The political party system is immature and partisan, characterised by deep-seated factionalism and weak party ideology.
While seated, these volunteers were asked the same questions as those put to the hand-grip squeezers.
Also, please keep your seat belt fastened when seated, even if the seat-belt light is not illuminated.
But the global recession is exposing their deep-seated problems with astonishing speed and severity.
But behind his support is a deep-seated resentment among many others that they are missing out on progress.
Angry demonstrations reflect some deep-seated grievances.
But there are also conditions that help groups overcome deep-seated conflicts.
He was seated at a table filled with microphones, on two bright-red vinyl chairs that have been stacked together to add height.
One paddler was found still seated in his overturned kayak.
Seated next to the bed is the visibly distraught husband.
As invited guests arrive, they are seated according to gender and position or age.
They also demonstrate, for the first time fully, how deeply seated was his possession of his virtues.
Something ws driving these people to regain their weight, and it was not a deep-seated desire to be fat.
As soon as they are complete, the flight attendants are required to be seated.
Stow remained seated during the exchange while the fan talked to him and then returned to his seat.
If you are seated to the left, make sure to turn left as you exit the ramp.
The common thread, of course, is the deep-seated aversion that human beings have to accepting randomness in the universe.
Each time, the subjects were seated, with the ticklers standing nearby.
But there is a deep-seated human urge to think otherwise.
Deep-seated clan rivalries and war profiteers eagerly feed this bloodshed.
There never was such an instrument devised for consecrating all deep-seated prejudices.
There are deep-seated structural issues that must be dealt with by legislation.
He appeared on television, seated, reading from a prepared speech.
The standard horsecar, which seated twenty, was drawn by a pair of roans and ran sixteen hours a day.
And people seated more than seventy-five feet apart hardly talk at all.
Fifteen years later, he is seated at her bedside watching her die of cancer.
Instead, they've adopted a deep-seated distrust of all borrowers, even financially secure ones.
The royals were seated at a long table in the middle of the room.
Their tables were seated with genius, and the arrangement of their linens and porcelains was highly original as well as lavish.
He's seated in the corner of the limo and appears pale and frail and sucked dry.
He's seated in a high chair, dressed in a white suit and a large blue bib.
They were seated in special chairs set up inside the gate by the bailiff's desk, and whispered incessantly.
Throughout our conversation he has remained seated in one of the carved chairs around the coffee table.
They were seated in chairs and wrapped in warm blankets to help them get adjusted to gravity after spending four months in space.

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