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Example sentences for seaside

The heat might even be reused to also distill fresh water for local seaside communities.
As this seaside drama rushed toward its denouement, a horse-drawn cab pulled up to the wharf.
While designed for emergency use, the devices could also be used in remote seaside locations in developing countries.
Archaeological digs have unearthed widespread evidence of breath-hold diving in seaside cultures.
When the summer throngs depart, you get this seaside arts town and its beaches all to yourself.
Under cover of night it withdrew in lorries from wrecked seaside districts.
Half a dozen hotels were flooded, and thousands of seaside dwellings destroyed.
Once-worthless patches of seaside land can be worth fortunes today.
Staying at a hotel near the seaside has its advantages, including the fresh air and unmatched views.
Nautical maps can inspire seaside daydreams as well as provide a wealth of information for safe sailing.
The seaside location is inviting to prospective students.
It's not likely that you'll picture elegant seaside resorts.
Near the seaside promenade, the city is a maze of restaurants, shops and bars.
Inside, old people in thin hospital smocks sprawl on the floor tiles to keep cool in the seaside humidity.
Every afternoon, well-dressed families descend on the hotel's seaside café.

Famous quotes containing the word seaside

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