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It is slightly more serious when a diver gets seasick underwater than above.
Still, they may sway at a frequency that can make occupants feel seasick.
The sea had been rough, and when some of them got seasick, they took shelter in a nearby creek.
Things were banging around in the boat, and a lot of people got seasick.
The mealtime crowds thin as the seasick roster grows.
One prototype, a stereoscopic helmet worn by the surgeon, left users seasick after only a few minutes.
Even in placid weather, floating-column structures bob up and down as the sea heaves beneath them, which can make people seasick.
In addition, if you get seasick some seasickness pills or candied ginger will help when you're out on the water.
Keep your eyes on the horizon and stand near the edge of the boat if you feel seasick.
The smooth ocean waters also reduce the chance of getting seasick on a cruise.
For some reason, which has never failed to puzzle me, fish and sea food are more repulsive to seasick people than anything else.
She also becomes seasick on sailboats and dizzy on swings.
After that day, the right-handed writing no longer made me seasick.
In the middle of our trouble our third patient made a sign that he felt seasick.
And the next morning, the navy arrived with ships of seasick amphibious troops.
Take your medication before you get seasick, or its effectiveness is limited.
On the twentieth day out, she ate breakfast at the table for the first time but became seasick again that evening.

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