seascape in a sentence

Example sentences for seascape

Opponents say a unique landscape or seascape is being overshadowed, to the detriment of tourists and residents alike.
When action lulled, he would scan the seascape for clues to better spots.
It offers them everywhere and brings their wild powers together in a fusion of seascape and landscape overflowing with life.
We used a golf cart to explore surrounding woods and seascape.
Until recently, the forbidding nature of the vast icy seascape has prevented all but a few bold explorers from traveling here.
Within these systems are five underlying components that describe different aspects of the seascape.
The sea seascape suggests maritime activities and service.
His selection of works emphasizes the landscape and seascape more than any other subject matter.
In a matter of hours, a parched and baking landscape shifts to a seascape where frigid and unforgiving waves take control.
Numerous benches en route invite hikers to sit and contemplate the inspiring seascape.
Placing marine protected areas onto the ecosystem based management seascape.
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