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While he was consoling me on my disappointing market debut, he was weathering his own stormy job-search seas.
The warming of the seas and lakes, moreover, means more water vapor in the air.
In the cold and dark depths of the seas, some fish attract their prey with bioluminescent lures.
The creatures swam in temperate seas and sank to the ocean floor after they died, where their bodies were preserved in soft mud.
Sponges evolved in shallow ocean basins, because the deeper seas did not yet contain oxygen, a necessity for almost all life.
Shallow seas and the lack of significant marine predators created new niches for many reptiles that had developed on land.
Ancient feeding patterns and migration routes may also be affected by changing ocean temperatures and rising seas.
The rise and the fall of the seas has been proposed as one of the drivers of these changes.
The first signs that life can exist in the deepest seas were nets full of mangled goo.
Stormy seas heighten the effects of the currents, making the whirlpools even more spectacular.
He rendered the scene in a palette of solemn gray, brown and ocher, with raging seas and menacing skies dominating the picture.
Here, wind-whipped tides can build seas big enough to capsize small boats and currents strong enough to drive big ships aground.
Check out the artifacts from real pirates and privateers of the high seas.
The hunters screamed at each other, the seas heaved and the boats drifted toward the fierce cliffs.
The writer is hauling in the net, laboring in tough seas on a small row boat.
He finds somewhere else to be, or he stays inside his house, with its many framed prints of trim little ships atop frisky seas.
But that doesn't mean department officials want to see guns-for-hire on the high seas.
But no one owns the high seas, and partisans rarely have access to serious naval power.
Water evaporates from the oceans, rains down on the land, pours back to the seas.
Because they live in the high seas, these fish belong to everyone, and are thus no one's responsibility.
The vast frozen seas are melting away at a staggering rate.
But some people believe change is coming so fast that the northern seas will open up much earlier than expected.
Understanding the ocean's influence could help reveal how glaciers around the world are feeding the rising seas.
Seas rose, glaciers retreated and ecosystems began to transform.
Mammoth wind turbines may soon dot the shallow coastal seas of the world.
Ship traffic, seismic tests and sonar pings can make navigating the seas tricky for whales.
He invites me to join him while cautioning that the fishing will be only so-so because of rough seas.
On the right and left two seas enclose you, without your possessing even a single ship for escape.
Indifferent to the heavy seas, remote-controlled tractors lowered from these ships creep along the ocean floor, harvesting gravel.
The waters under the firmament include seas and interior fluid that may rise in volcanic eruptions.
And the metropolis is set on jagged isles of alien form in outlandish foaming seas.
Piracy on the high seas simply reflects what happens on dry land.
But you can get a boat and go out on the high seas and rob people and call yourself a pirate.
Many species rebounded dramatically during the last one, when the seas were unsafe for fishing.
It was a town of forty-three thousand people, surrounded by seas of corn.
As if seas had seethed only elsewhere, shredding the shores of the horizons.
The seas in the dark seemed to rush from all sides to keep her back where she might perish.
It seems that this mournful-moony romantic is dotting the seven seas with his remorse.
Seas are found on the margins of the ocean and are partially enclosed by land.
Broadcast of high seas and offshore forecasts in text form.
Watters remembers that in the early postwar years, menhaden filled the seas.
Warmer seas should provide more energy and make hurricanes stronger.
Even earlier, sedimentary rocks were forming from silt settling at the bottom of lakes or seas.
These glowing seas have featured in sailor stories for centuries.
But the freedom of the high seas was a tradition that was not easily jettisoned.
Finally, a look back to the marine reptiles that ruled the prehistoric seas.
Huge plumes of this have been reported in polar seas.
The deep seas were turned into secret and illegal dumping grounds.

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