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Example sentences for seared

Place in hot oven, that the surface may be quickly seared, thus preventing escape of inner juices.
Turn as soon as under surface is seared, and sear other side.
Plus, before it hits the plate, the sausage is seared in butter.
There is food: bubbling mutton kebabs seared over red-hot braziers.
To anyone who lived through the drama of those tragic days and weeks what happened next is seared into their memory.
Except the memories of those whose lives have been seared.
All three models pick at their identical plates of seared tuna, chattering excitedly.
The company applauded loudly, but my right shoulder seared with pain.
They are so flattered to be close to the flame of celebrity that they don't realize how easily they can be seared.
My companion began with scallops and figs and followed with a perfectly seared cut of roast venison.
Nothing beats the flavor of a perfectly seared steak.
At lunch, business types roll up for tacos of seared beef with feisty tomato salsa.
For the main course, try the traditional crab cakes, pan seared tuna or shrimp scampi.
Watermark provides an array of seafood options, including pan-seared halibut and poached salmon.
The seared citrus glazed salmon and sushi-grade seared tuna are filling options that won't pack on the calories.
Monthly specials include a green tea and mango smoothie, vegetarian tortilla soup, pan-seared cod and whole-wheat penne pasta.
Menu options include entrees such as ricotta ravioli and pan-seared scallops.
Popular appetizers include seared spicy shrimp rolls and miso-flavored dumplings with green chili vinaigrette.
Signature dishes include she crab soup, baked stuffed grouper and sesame-seared tuna.
Examples of entrees include the braised veal cheeks with homemade spaetzle, and seared scallops in saffron citrus sauce.
Scallops are commonly pan seared, then sautéed in butter, or breaded and deep fried.
The images of that day are seared into our collective consciousness.
His hair was again set on fire and his legs were seared.
It can also be used as a cut flower, and will last longer if the cut stem is seared over an open flame immediately after cutting.
Exposed skin was seared as lime dust reacted with sweat.
The whole fish is seared on the grill, and then baked with white wine and lemon.
They noshed on a spicy lobster appetizer, followed by a small filet and seared scallops.

Famous quotes containing the word seared

I think I see her sitting bowed and black, Stricken and seared with slavery's mortal scars, Reft of her chi... more
Generations have trod, have trod, have trod; And all is seared with trade; bleared, smeared with toil; And ... more
The eye-balls were seared with a milky mucus; The madness of a dying soul Was written on her face— But th... more
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