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And they began searching for the right space for it.
We know without asking that he's searching for the sinister maw of our whirlpool.
If you are searching for something a bit more fashionable, try creating your own piece of beadwork.
After all, decades of searching for extraterrestrial radio signals or evidence of alien civilizations have come up empty.
Instead they ignore its existence and leave the already worried and worn out family in the dark searching for answers on our own.
So scientists began searching for what else might be causing these deaths, which sometimes involved strange liver abnormalities.
Scientists have thus been searching fervently for better ways to identify and tackle anthrax.
Searching for any particle is an exercise in futility.
The phone would begin searching for devices in the area.
Now they are searching for the same activity in humans.
After decades spent searching in vain, many seismologists now doubt whether such a signal even exists.
Similar to the ship searching for the hidden ramp leading to the underworld.
Astronomers are therefore diligently searching for these objects.
Often the answer depends on what type of tickets you are searching for.
Looming debt and demographic crises have governments searching for extra revenue.
Answers-if there are any-are found not by searching, but in searching.
But the number of those searching for work also increased.
Others are searching the world for the best bargains.
She had yet to go to school, and instead was searching for scrap metal to help her family.
Ask students to pretend they are historians who want to spend some time searching for and exploring sunken pirate ships.
Officers searching a coffin and a corpse for contraband.
The scientists are using techniques borrowed from the petroleum industry, but they're not searching for oil.
The scientists are also searching for possible solutions to what they see as a growing dilemma.
Scientists searching through fifteen years of fishing logbooks have spotted a precipitous drop in shark populations.
Searching within a newsgroup, even one with thousands of posts, produces no results at all.
Maybe it's the soul-searching that comes when you are closer to the end of your career than the beginning.
Imagine an e-Harmony for freelancers and companies searching for a connection.
Others found themselves searching for their names on lists that were long on the dead and short on the living.
He notes that river cities, once abuzz with trade, are now searching for new opportunities.
Endlessly searching for one only leads to more unhappiness.
Artists have begun searching the space of simple computer programs for algorithms that generate music.
Researchers are searching for the genes that wire these regions and produce the uniquely human capacity for speech.
Scientists are searching for ways to both boost and focus this innate plasticity, thus improving neural repair.
Partly due to the economic downturn, consumers are more interested in searching out the best deals on products.
Instead, they are a highly efficient solutions to the problem of searching and transporting food.
But the censors are constantly searching for and blocking these proxies.
We are searching for individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades.
In general, quantum computers could be extremely efficient at encryption and data searching.
It also has information for people considering a career in teaching, job-searching tips, and links to other resources.
You're pretty much equating searching for life on other worlds than our own to searching for the invisible pink unicorn.
The act of finding information is becoming ever easier as searching becomes a central part of our software.
Neuroscientists are investigating this paradox by searching for the signatures of mind wandering in the brain.
The few astronomers who even attempted to look for them languished in obscurity, spending years in fruitless searching.
The highest-risk part of this business, bar none, is searching for reservoirs.
Searching for genetic variations that predict an increased risk of disease can be terribly difficult and expensive.
Searching through hundreds of entries-as many as nine falling on a single day-you try to find an uncommitted hour.
After searching in towns and neighborhoods it was found that the number of deaths was more than two millions.
The scientists were searching the samples for variations in several genes thought to be related to the sleep cycle.
Never does the writer appear to be searching for an out-of-the-way term.
They want projected shadows of life, which are vaster than reality and bolder in outline, though less searching.
The irreproachableness and blamelessness of searching for bark is an eleventh.
Last, the energy of the puritan scrutiny of motives and searching of conscience develops into a wonderful intuition of character.
Therewith the goddess plunged into the shadowy cave, searching out the chambers of the cavern.
It's never been a conscious sort of searching, but it did happen with these guys.
They held their sun-scorched eyes to the horizon, searching for land, but there was none.
It had that totally fragmented feeling that we'd been searching for.
Suzy loved the freedom she derived from her earnings, but her spirit was searching.
But once the soul-searching ended he was back in the game with an ingenious idea.
She found a book about herself that she had been searching for.
For some time the directors had been searching for a site on which to build a new opera house.
He was searching for the foreign territory within himself.
In one escapade they had broken into a psychiatrist's office searching for a patient's file.
He's moralizing, he's didactic, he's searching for big answers to big questions.
Searching for a place and a purpose for his life, he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry.
Their opponents are exasperated when they hear talk about particle physicists searching for the fundamental laws of nature.
They were searching the luggage for images, the commander explained to him.
Then you can start planning menus by searching for foods and beverages you plan to eat.
Another flurry of catalogue searching reveals a more cheering, if complex, truth.
They are often searching for relief from a needle of worry in their minds.
In the meantime, they were searching for a suitable place for him to live.
We worked on searching for pieces for almost a year.
If you're searching for an intriguing getaway with local color and fabulous fare, take your cues from the experts.
These moments can be dangerous, as such soul searching quickly turns into lawmaking.

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