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Example sentences for search party

If you're not back in two days, they'll send out a search party.
Early the next afternoon she heard a search party, and when she yelled out, a voice answered.
Once the search party finds the injured medics, their next challenge is to get them to a proper medical facility.
The next day, a search party begins looking for her after she is again absent from school, but her body is never found.
The members of their search party begin disappearing one-by-one.
Weeks later, the same paper recorded the fruitless efforts of a large search party of police.
It is one of his lovers that talks her father into organizing a search party to find him.
When he did not return, a ground search party located his overturned boat but there were no signs of him in the area.
Alex was bitten after he established the compound while part of a search party scavenging for supplies following the outbreak.
By then, the search party had made an initial inspection of the barn and had found some incriminating evidence.
The evidence would have been inevitably discovered by the independent search party.
Citizens hold a town meeting and decide to send a search party to investigate the horrible noise.
Conserve your energy by sitting on top of a dune and wait for a search party.
Organize a search party research and print out a topographical map of the search site for searchers.
He allowed himself to become a member, if not the leader, of the search party which was essentially a police operation.
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