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Example sentences for sear

Raise heat to high, and sear duck pieces, stirring vegetables so they do not burn.
Sear oyster mushrooms until wilted and lightly browned.
When using poppies as cut flowers, sear cut stem ends in a flame before placing them in water.
Using tongs, move the pieces and flatten them to sear all the shells evenly.
Then cool, pick the meat from the bone, and sear the chunks over high heat in a sauté pan to add a caramelized crispness.
When ready to eat grill, or sear quail for five minutes on each side, top with relish and serve.
Sear for two more minutes and reduce heat to medium.
After about a minute or two, when they have begun to sear and release moisture, you can move them around in the pan.
Add scallops, and sear a minute or so, until lightly browned.
Turn the tuna over and sear on the other side, long enough to brown the outside but keeping the inside rare.
Sear hock, turning it as it browns and renders some fat.
Sear it on a hot barbecue grill, under the broiler or by placing the steak in a heavy preheated skillet.
Sear until golden on medium-high heat, working in two shifts if necessary.
As a marinade, lemon juice can sear or partly cook meat or fish.
When these begin to shimmer and foam, sear the roast on all sides.
Sear on both sides on grill, and then cook away from hottest part of grill, turning to cook both sides.
Raise the heat to high, add scallops and sear briefly on both sides.
Season with salt and pepper and sear in the olive oil in large frying pan.
Add the patties and sear well on one side, about two minutes.
Add the veal and sear it until it is lightly browned.
Place the mixture over the heat and sear, then lower the heat until the pieces cook on the inside.
Turn as soon as under surface is seared, and sear other side.
On stove top, sear roast well in heavy pan, preferably one that can go in oven.

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