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Example sentences for seaport

There is still only one airport, and the one seaport is in disrepair.
Most of its roads are now blocked and the seaport has been severely damaged.
Not being closed to a seaport does hinder their economic development.
There will also be a huge expansion of seaport capacity.
Seaport is open every day of the week for lunch and dinner.
Gingerbread fretwork amid magnolia trees sets the tone for this antebellum home in a quaint seaport village.
Writer visits the seaport and talks to the acting port administrator.
But it was never really much more than a storm in a seaport.
From the outset of the seaport as a commercial and transportation hub, hotels and lodgings existed at and around the seaport.
Authentic seaport destination feeds multiple economies.

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