seamy in a sentence

Example sentences for seamy

Still, he does not gloss over the seamy side of his episodes.
The seamy trade-offs necessary for growth and stability are denounced by zealots, delegitimizing the political process.
The seamy underbelly of the process is that it is messy.
There is one supermarket, however, that does not capitulate to this seamy practice.
It forced a spotlight onto the country's graft troubles, which tie in to a seamy underworld.
And it glaringly reveals the shockingly seamy trade that uses people callously and wastefully.
We can admire stunning play, but the seamy side of this is that brilliant moves need errors on the part of the opponent.
Seamy rock will usually break irregularly because it has no major points of natural weakness.
And, while many citizens might prefer to forget these unfortunate episodes, the seamy side of the state must not go unexamined.
You'll see so much of the seamy side of life that your spirit can get injured.
Able political leadership and seamy politics and chicanery.
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