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The result is a sheltered but almost seamless house that resembles an airy garden pavilion.
The beans are then brewed, in one seamless operation.
Yet both gardens combine cold-hardy plants to form a seamless brocade around the house.
The works seemed immediate, imaginative and seamless.
Sustainable features and native plants up the ante on a seamless integration of indoors and out.
Also, the use of white spaces could finally usher in the era of seamless roaming across technologies.
Carefully cut to fit baskets, they make nearly seamless liners.
Anything you do on one platform syncs to the other, which makes things pretty seamless.
The big payoff: improved system performance, cheaper service cost, and seamless roaming.
None, however, has offered seamless access to such content.
It would provide a seamless integration of old and new.
What is then getting crucial is seamless integration between every experience.
After it is applied, the material crystallizes, forming a seamless bond.
Mount two inexpensive mirrored cabinets next to each other to create one seamless surface.
The new design makes solar energy a seamless part of the building rather than an afterthought.
It's one seamless process that goes from generation to generation, slowly changing.
The seamless little shells, hand-crafted for comfort of soft kip-calfskin.
In our premier program, you'll learn in a small environment dedicated to making your transition seamless.
Supports real-time experience through seamless mind-body interface.
He says strings of language extend in every direction to bind the world into a rushing, seamless whole.
These processes have been designed to be seamless to the user.
But there is another pedagogically and academically robust concept of education, that of a seamless system.
In an undergraduate library, the goal is to create a seamless, barrier-free support system for student learning and research.
Otherwise, you would have a bibliography page and this paper would be a seamless coherent narrative all in one voice.
But it's not their fault that we've made access to info so easy and seamless.
The notion of a seamless transfer between junior and senior colleges is supported by almost everyone.
Your presentation was so seamless that they stopped focusing on it, looking at the material instead.
The seamless synchronization of calendars, e-mails, etc is amazing.
Today's users expect seamless and immediate access to the resources they need to support their teaching, learning, and research.
Forget traditional distinctions between matter and empty space-it's all a seamless whole.
Our brains manufacture the illusion of a seamless flow of reality.
In this scenario, human variation is the result of a seamless continuum of genetic change across space.
To realize a state of constant, seamless connectivity and computability required the convergence of technology and self.
The whole experience is presented through a seamless user interface and a permeating sense of fun.
Also, the transition from blogging in general to science blogging in particular is seamless in the paragraph.
It was heavier than butcher paper and completely seamless and beautiful.
Seamless technical perfection redesigned with a softer feel and more flex for high-impact sports.
The result is a seamless experience that makes hilly cities seem flatter and big cities seem smaller, organizers say.
The best part of the app may be its seamless, user-friendly design.
Scepter's cans feature seamless all-plastic construction.
The movie's blending of real animals and computer-animated puppetry is seamless to the point that one hardly notices the shifts.
Combining bits and pieces of various records, sometimes adding electric keyboards, he created seamless dance music.
Once again, the blend of live action and animation is virtually seamless.
Because not everyone has a perfect connection, some users might not get a seamless experience.
Equipment is neatly organized and designed for seamless integration.
End users could have seamless access to applications and data anywhere, on any device.
It may be that with cloud-computing the kind of seamless data integration would become desirable.
And creating a seamless join between the deep and shallow water simulations is also tricky.
Apple supports these people by providing them with a seamless market for their products, and fantastic developer tools.
What at first appeared to be a seamless prose style turned out to be on closer examination a patchwork of literary borrowings.
Its original, apparently seamless mixture of different performances on a single record helped redefine the pop idiom.
Other companies are developing their own ecosystems in a bid to make people's mobile-computing experience even more seamless.
Consumers are also learning that the promise of a seamless global market has yet to be fulfilled.
Developers are ill-versed in thinking about energy, water and sewage as a seamless whole.
When contextual computing is done right, it is seamless.
The idea is that customers will want a seamless service.
The second reason is that for collaborative filtering to reach its potential, it has to be seamless.
All this saves precious time and makes for a more seamless and pleasant online experience.
Knit government and industry into a seamless web of transferable expert managers.
Switching back and forth between different menu screens is seamless, and speedier than ever.
It defines the physics, creates the sound, and makes sure everything is combined in a seamless world.
His albums are a seamless string of frenzied dance tracks.
In my experience, it hasn't been a seamless process.
It will be seamless and easy and ridiculously useful.
He goes to a white birch-tree, and can fit his leg with a seamless boot, or a hat for his head.
It will also feature automatic, seamless updates and no anti-virus software.
However, the combination has been less seamless for customers.
Today, we've got an opportunity to make progress towards our ultimate goal, which is a seamless regional economy.
His clear, sweet tone, seamless breath control and impeccable musicality are something to behold.
In tandem with the same design on the wall, the look creates a seamless canvas.
Phoenix city employees work around-the-clock to provide seamless service.
The result: a seamless blending of reality and parody.
They did so because the prose was a seamless part of the glamour package.
One potential problem: whether the distinct corporate cultures of the two companies can be blended into one seamless operation.

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