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Too late for surviving merchant seamen who lost forty years of health benefits, education, or insurance benefits.
Rogue waves have been the stuff of seamen's lore for centuries.
They are maintained not by sailors but by master merchant seamen-that is, by private contractors.
The officials would have multiplied at the same rate had there been no actual seamen at all.
Navies are also starting to deploy seamen on merchant ships, something hitherto rare unless the cargo was military.
Punch began as a sailors' drink, where everyone onboard-officers and ordinary seamen alike-would partake together.
For thousands of years, seamen have been known to throw oil overboard to calm stormy seas.
The migrants board rickety boats in the dark, taking orders from inexperienced seamen.
Government revenues largely come from the sale of stamps and coins and remittances from seamen on merchant ships abroad.
But the seamen were not gentlemen, and the gentlemen were not seamen.
The sole question on appeal is whether this exception applies to seamen aboard a fishing vessel.

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