seamanship in a sentence

Example sentences for seamanship

None of them had been on the water, but they tried to teach themselves seamanship.
Both appreciate the finer points of ship construction, seamanship and gun technology.
The seamanship at fault: but this expression may be glossed by supposing the boatswain to have sounded that call on his whistle.
The boatswain's pipe is used chiefly for commands bearing on seamanship work.
Fueling a boat properly is an essential element of good seamanship.
Use prudent seamanship to decide to either move away slowly or wait for the whale to move away.
The ship was to provide training in seamanship and navigation for boys of eligible age.
Agents also must exercise skill and advanced seamanship techniques to react to rapidly changing weather patterns and extreme cold.
The story is one of masterful seamanship, incomparable engineering, and absolute ingenuity and courage.
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