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Some of our brightest minds had a thing for seafood.
We've covered key card hotel locks over seafood, in-room credit card safes over sandwiches.
It's also cheaper to breed seafood than to make drugs.
Learn how to eat healthy while lowering your seafood footprint.
Pigs have been genetically modified to make their meat as healthy as seafood, researchers report.
Pigs have been genetically modified to make their meat as healthy as seafood, a team of researchers reports.
But many have enjoyed its moist, white flesh at upscale seafood restaurants across the nation.
Either way, marine life could be contaminated, as could humans who eat contaminated seafood.
It dishes up lip-smacking seafood dishes, from baked mussels to grilled fish and prawns.
The entire dive experience takes two to four hours, leaving ample time to watch the sunset and enjoy a seafood dinner.
All-you-can-eat meat or seafood in two magical environments.
Choosing at the seafood counter has never been more challenging.
The same article includes several intriguing variations on the basic tourtière, including one made with seafood.
Some even look at old restaurant menus to learn when certain seafood became more costly, usually due to scarcity.
Customers are staying away, both from the seafood and the region itself, which depends on summer tourism.
Anyway, he was soon able to find another job, at a stylish new seafood restaurant downtown.
The chef shows us the delicately-scented sesame oil in which he fries the battered seafood and vegetables.
Frozen seafood exports make a neat cover for cocaine.
There are also worries about contaminated vegetables and seafood.
Oysters, crab cakes and calamari are all on the appetizer list, with fried and wood-fired seafood on the entree menu.
Enjoy grilled swordfish as an entree or go with one of the seafood sandwiches, served with fries.
Seafood jambalaya and fresh oysters are on offer here, as well as a menu of fresh fish.
We did the whale-watching thing, which was terrific, and ate lots of delicious seafood.
Lots of good cheap seafood in the summers and early fall.
And in the evenings great seafood and restaurants, and great for people and dog watching.
If the named countries fail to improve their plans, they could face import bans on some of their seafood products.
Fish farming already accounts for half of global seafood production.
The hair itself is dark and thick and contains chemical traces indicating mainly a seafood diet.
But now researchers have pinpointed the problem with red wine and seafood.
But the curtailment of commercial fishing owing to fears over contaminated seafood may hasten the recovery of exploited species.
If you live near a coast, you're more up to eating seafood.
One last thing to note is that iodine deficiency is huge problem worldwide for populations that do not have access to seafood.
Seriously, check to see if the seafood you eat is sustainable.
Don't eat seafood with long life spans to avoid getting it into your body.
But any biological or seafood impacts remain unknown at this point.
Fish are our last truly wild food, but the rise in demand for seafood has pushed many species to the brink of extinction.
Living by the sea and eating seafood is not a cause of increased brain size.
Placed before her is a dish of seafood with ratatouille.
At first everyone sips rum punch, listens to the live music, and admires the display of fresh seafood on ice.
There is not a cheese that does not fit with grits or a meat or seafood.
All they do is add a little texture to a soup holding bits of shrimp and seafood in suspension.
Some amino acids-sweet glycine and savory glutamate-turn out to be big contributors to seafood's delicious repertoire of flavors.
The toxins could not only pose a threat to marine life, but also to humans who eat seafood.
Also, specialty items such a crab meat and other kinds of seafood will be produced by meat factories before land animal meat.
Cross-national comparisons of seafood consumption and rates of bipolar disorders.
The couple dined alfresco on freshly caught seafood.
Or even carrot puree bolstered with broth that remembered meat or seafood or fish.
Several seafood restaurants around the country find themselves saddled with a name that once sounded chic but now seems tasteless.
In a port city famed for seafood, that's saying something.
It's also the home of the crêpe, a good many apple orchards and a glut of seafood.
It's always best to cook fresh seafood within two days of purchase.

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