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The seafloor in those parts is littered with wrecks.
Furthermore, they say that the sandy, seafloor habitat held little marine life-and this habitat is common in the region.
Now it is one of a host of countries eagerly laying claim to swathes of the seafloor that may one day yield huge riches.
He and his team have designed a dredge that can dislodge scallops without touching the seafloor.
In the simplest terms, it's a floating drilling rig and refrigerator moored to the seafloor by four groups of tethers.
Gold said people ask him how microbial life could have gotten down to the seafloor.
For a show that will open next year, the task is to create a mini-diorama of the prehistoric seafloor.
When they die, their shells form layers on the seafloor.
Divers on the expedition first spotted a large anchor, the first clue that there might be some bigger find on the seafloor.
He said it remains unclear whether the lower reading is due to well depletion or leakage into the seafloor.
Meanwhile, a team of researchers recently said it found an oily layer as thick as two inches coating the seafloor.
Lava ejected from those narrow chains of seafloor volcanoes produce the rocky underpinnings of all oceans.
The deep-ocean detectors depend on high-tech sensors stationed on the seafloor.
In the ocean, ships use an air gun that sends a shock wave through the water and into the seafloor.
One risk in drilling to the mantle--or any seafloor drilling--is tapping into a pocket of gas hydrates.
Hydrothermal vents occur at oceanic ridges where brand-new seafloor emerges from the ductile depths of the mantle.
The combination of high bandwidth and maneuverability opens up many new options for seafloor exploration.
If the seafloor is rebounding then the water has to go somewhere else.
Sea level change due to oscillations in seafloor spreading rate.
Around the world radioactive nuclear reactors in derelict submarines dot the seafloor.
The ocean depths became so corrosive that in many places shells stopped piling up on the seafloor and simply dissolved.
Underwater exploration has revealed seafloor spreading.
White plankton shells vanished from the seafloor mud, shifting its color from white to red.
Around the world radioactive nuclear reactors in derelict subs dot the seafloor.
Exotic fluids bubble up from cold seeps in the sanctuary's seafloor.
The whale uses its snout to forage by dislodging tiny creatures from the seafloor.
Tragically the novelty of the sight apparently stoked the curiosity of the people who ran out onto the exposed seafloor.
Rediscover the first-ever underwater mapping and excavation of an ancient shipwreck in its entirety on the seafloor.
They use a muscle called a sticky foot to crawl along the seafloor.
Divergent boundaries are the site of seafloor spreading.
Yet even here life thrives, according to scientists who have pulled a plug of dirt from the seafloor.
The fish have small teeth and are thought to be bottom-feeders, eating whatever they can suck off the seafloor.
The scientists radiocarbon-dated and otherwise tested fossilized shells in the layered seafloor sediment.
Mud and skeletons from ancient sea creatures drifted to the seafloor.
Most quake researchers cull the whale's booming calls from their seafloor recordings.
At rest, each gate fills with water and lies flat on the seafloor.
Seafloor is an active environment with considerable variability from one place to another.
It consists of a bottom pressure recorder anchored to the seafloor and a moored surface buoy.
It appears that oil droplets and dispersant remain on the seafloor and in the water column.
There would be many millions of tons of seafloor material above the imploded well to contain it.
The world's best map of the seafloor comes from satellites.
The deep seafloor itself, well beyond the range of diving mammals, is inhabited by an incredible diversity of animals.
Its crest is a volcanic rift zone, where crustal plates spread apart and molten rock erupts to form new seafloor.
When algae die and decay, they suck oxygen out of the water, which encourages the buildup of organic matter on the seafloor.
On the seafloor, scavenging crabs feast on leftovers.
Bioluminescence is found in every ocean, in every sea, from surface to seafloor.
The character of the seafloor is mapped by collecting and interpreting complex data sets.
In addition to seafloor life, researchers also study the geological structures which host that life.
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