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He sees it as the pirates' attempt to evoke romantic notions of seafaring swashbucklers.
But successive emperors turned the nation inwards on itself, seafaring was banned and the country's great shipyards were closed.
Oddly enough, for a seafaring nation before the era of tugboats, the tide was a fascinating topic long before him.
Seafaring in the age of sail was backbreaking work and fraught with peril, but the sailor's real scourge was scurvy.
Musicians sometimes join the charter, playing seafaring tunes from the whaling era.
In time-honored seafaring tradition, a magnum of champagne was sent crashing into the ship's hull.
The city offers day cruises on romantic gondola rides or larger seafaring vessels.
Tour companies offer cruises that boast panoramic views of downtown and historic lighthouses that once guided seafaring vessels.
On board, guests can also interact with seafaring role players.
Marathon is a small community in the middle of the keys with a longtime seafaring tradition.
According to seafaring legends, albatross are the souls of lost sailors and should not be killed.
Their work tells us about seafaring life and culture, such as war or the cargo carried for trade on shipwrecks.
The value of goods that enter or leave the country by seafaring vessel.
While maritime archaeology is best known for its focus on shipwrecks, it is really the study of everything connected to seafaring.
Seafood is a dietary mainstay for a populace with a long seafaring tradition.

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Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the seafaring man on... more
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