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Example sentences for seabird

The other imperiled bird of the high canopy is actually a seabird: the marbled murrelet.
Inside national park boundaries, some areas are closed for eagle and seabird nesting seasons.
Befitting their name, king penguins cut an impressive figure in the seabird court.
The guillemot, a seabird that depends on ice, is losing its habitat and falling prey to polar bears desperate for food.
And there was plenty of food about: shellfish, seabird eggs, and loads of desert land snails.
The boat also approached a thrush-sized seabird bobbing on the surface: the marbled murrelet.
The endangered marbled murrelet, a small seabird, builds its nests on the wide branches of redwood trees.
It is also a reference to the guidelines of how to handle a seabird if it gets caught in your fishing gear.

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A girl stood before him in midstream, alone and still, gazing out to sea. She seemed like one whom magic had changed int... more
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