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With the loss of ice, the seabed's natural resources become potentially more obtainable and its bordering nations more interested.
It's a gravity-based structure which sits on the seabed.
The rotors are connected to a crossbar on a large steel beam that is held in place by four legs cemented into the seabed.
There are a number of possible disposal options, including deep seabed.
Squiggly worm burrows, excavated within a slimy seabed, lace steel-gray limestone.
Power from all the joints is fed down a single umbilical cable to a junction on the seabed.
Though frenzied seabed mapping clarifies the geology, economic incentives cloud the discussion.
Most of the fossils appear to have been attached to the seabed.
Beach combers often find treasures on the seabed at low tide, including amethysts and shells.
They want to know if the seabed has all the oil they think it does.
The village sits on land that, millions of years ago, was a deep seabed.
The object turned out to be a marine sponge broken off from the seabed.
They were small and had downward-pointing, jawless mouths, indicating they lived by sucking and filtering food from the seabed.
They are found throughout the word's oceans, from sandy shallows and reefs to the deep, murky seabed.
The sea receded, and as the former seabed became a desert, the wind began to plane away the sandstone and shale above the bones.
Fish were now diversifying and extending their feeding options beyond simply vacuuming meals off the seabed.
The mine was cut out of an ancient seabed, an empty sandy region that stretches in every direction.
The entire park would be off-limits for oil and gas exploration, and fishing gear that damages seabed habitats would be banned.
After it is separated from other gases, it is pumped deep into geological structures below the seabed or underground.
The conveyor belt is powered by the pull of water sinking from the surface to the seabed in three places.
Each country may exercise sovereign rights over their extended continental shelf's natural resources of the seabed and subsoil.
Methane can also be stored in the seabed as methane gas or methane hydrates and then released as subsea permafrost thaws.
These rights include jurisdiction over all resources in the water column and on and beneath the seabed.

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