sea lion in a sentence

Example sentences for sea lion

Imagine getting cuffed by a sea lion then pulled in by a rope.
The aquarium features daily sea lion shows and animal feedings, which are open to the public.
Several tour operators offer dolphin and sea lion adventures, and you can choose a package that includes the ferry ride.
Hop into a pool for a swim with a sea lion after a short educational program where you learn about these sea mammals.
Visitors on occasion are treated to the sight of a sea lion pursuing a dinner of the readily-available fish.
The zoo offers daily animal feedings, sea lion demonstrations and wildlife shows.
The creatures whose body parts were used to put him back together include a dog and a sea lion.
The fatter a sea lion is, the more sea lionesses he has in his harem.
Sea lion skins from sub-adult males were the preferred baidarka covering.
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