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Sprinkle each crisp with a large pinch of coarse sea salt.
Deep-sea chimneys are created when volcanically heated water carries metal sulfides up from below the seafloor.
Eaton not only lives on the water but is a bit at sea.
For every liter of water taken from the sea, less than half becomes desalted.
Another desirable top global priority would be an inexpensive method to desalinate sea water to fresh water.
First, the water approached the turbine buildings, which had been built with large shutters facing the sea.
To make the tale even more dizzying, some snakes then went back into the water, becoming today's sea snakes.
Sprinkle with hot water and pinches of sea salt and paprika.
Ginger had to make a shaky craft of her paycheck to bear me across the sea.
Typically, sea kayakers dream of calm waters and soft tail winds.
Studies have identified plastic pollution and fishing practices as major threats to sea turtles for several years.
But when there aren't enough of the cute little marine mammals, the sea urchins run rampant, feasting on the giant kelp.
One if by land and two if by sea are familiar signals.
Academic science and medicine are drowning in a sea of publications.
The scientists have studied the differences between green sea turtles and loggerhead sea turtles in this area.
Sea temperatures are much harder to change than air temperatures, as anyone trying to warm a swimming pool can attest.
Abandoning a ship in the open sea is the last thing a captain would order and a sailor would do.
Wild salmon are normally born in freshwater and migrate to the sea.
One area of my research is the chemistry and impact of oil spills in the sea.
The angry-looking deep sea anglerfish has a right to be cranky.
Not everyone needs to spend a couple of weeks earning their sea legs to feel at home.
Giant methane bubbles rising from the sea floor are capable of swamping a ship and sinking it, new research shows.
Ocean overfishing is simply the taking of wildlife from the sea at rates too high for fished species to replace themselves.
Meanwhile, as sea level rise approaches two feet, the barriers might simply spend more time closed.
Send it out to sea in search of a humanitarian aid ship to destroy.
Sea levels will rise a bit higher-but not catastrophically high-in the coming century, according to a new study.
Divers and snorkelers will enjoy views of the rich sea life here, as well.
Scientists find that some types of sea snake possess homing behavior that may scupper conservation efforts.
Salt literally gives us life, and reminds us of the origins of all life in the primordial sea.
The song of the sea has long entranced the sailor and the pirate, too.
Sea urchins and humans have a remarkable amount in common-genetically speaking.
Print detailed illustrations of green sea turtles and other animals to color or use in school projects.
The vessels fired artillery shells and lobbed anti-submarine bombs into the wine-dark sea.
Leatherbacks are the largest of all the sea turtles.
They're harvested by hand-raking, which doesn't damage the sea floor.
Kids can print illustrations of leatherback sea turtles and other animals to color or use in school projects.
Something that would stand out in the sea of aging desert bungalows, but that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.
At the dock, commercial fishermen unload their catch before their boats are hoisted by crane from the sea.
Some people do indeed have trouble concentrating, whether or not crossing over a sea is involved.
Hydrothermal vents are geysers located on the ocean floor in the deep sea.
Scattered across a bluff, the sites are open to the stars and the sea.
Gardens high above sea level get longer and colder winters, often with intense sunlight, and lower night temperatures all year.
Explore the original art town by the sea on a poster budget more.
The result is a vast sea of mediocrity and incompetence, leaving no one who knows how to repair a toilet.
Given the sea of mediocrity, the claims of excellence and value seem hollow.
Then there was the blowout preventer, a huge stack of valves on the sea floor.
The growth of plankton in the sea is always limited by something.
But unlike the lilies of the land, sea lilies are able to pick up and move.
Despite people's fascination with this deep-sea behemoth, the giant squid's life and habits have remained largely a mystery.
It's all about eating, getting fat and being trapped at sea with lots of strangers, she says.
As the sea warmed with warm summer days, the organisms ascended to form a dense layer near the surface.
It now lies intact on is starboard side on the sandy sea bottom.
Here are five postcards from the journey of a single bit, as data flashes from sea to wired sea.
The plants and animals that dwell there today are descended from castaways that arrived by sea or air.
Most scientists figured that the dinosaurs had been done in by a change of climate or a change in sea level.
We nuzzle up to land and jump onto the remnants of a sea wall.
Enjoy boating and deep-sea fishing, surfing the waves and leisurely boardwalk strolls.
These were not small animals or creatures that were hidden away in the deep sea.
The owner of this apparatus then buried itself under the sea-bed and waited.
But, as the world's glaciers recede, melting ice is also contributing to the rise in sea levels.
When sea ice disappears some polar inhabitants advance, whereas others retreat.
The scientists say the sea shares champagne's secret.
First you said that sea levels are not rising, now you say they are, but not fast enough.
Even the practice of scattering ashes at sea has a new wrinkle.
He applies the mud from the pool and then stands upright until it is dry only to take a dip in the nearby sea.
Mahan notwithstanding, too few strategists at the time were thinking seriously about sea power.
But chiefly the sea-shore has been the point of departure to knowledge, as to commerce.
Glaciers sliding into the sea powder it with small icebergs.
If wealth talks at sea in fine weather it must not wail when disaster overtakes it.
And these colored fires burn all day long and shine far at sea.
Pound galangal, curry leaves, and fine sea salt to a paste using mortar and pestle.
Color-coded bacteria light the way to oil spills at sea.
Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data.
So the engineers can simulate conditions along a humid, hot coastline at sea level, or atop an arid and cold mountain.
But sea level does not move with respect to this rod.
Even true immortality to accomplish this they would have to resemble echinoderms, such as sea urchins, except much more high-tech.
All week they've been by the sea again and the sound of the sea colors everything.
Then sea salt shaken into the corners of violent sadness.
It was decided to throw him into the sea on a raft when he came down.
The journalist thought that the lawyer had gone crazy and recommended some time by the sea, that invigorating air.
When the planet cools, ice sheets grow on continents and the sea level falls.
The breeze is a foretaste of the sea, which has a two-sided presence in the movie.
Second, the bars were frequented by sailors fresh off the sea.
He loved the sea and he loved sailing and was always grateful for a ship.
Yet this is the top, the shiny part of the iceberg that rises above sea level.
Extinction comes to species on land and in the sea but not in the same way.
Most likely, the warmer temperatures would have melted the north polar sea ice.
The sea bream shimmers with freshness in its box of shaved ice.
Yet the sea level here is slowly but steadily rising.
They had been at sea for weeks or perhaps months before that.
The grand ballroom was a sea of formal evening wear: white ties, tails, and elegant gowns.
Sea level rise affects more than beaches and oceanfront land owners.
Sea level rise can increase the height of storm waves, making more areas vulnerable to storm damage.
In fact, a sea is usually part of a larger ocean that is partially enclosed by land.
While sea breezes occur during the day, land breezes occur at night.
Past predictions of sea-level rise owing to global warming were exaggerated, according to a new study.
Jellyfish are the pests of the sea, coming out in droves every summer to turn a day at the beach into a world of pain.

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