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Example sentences for scuttle

Yes, the stray graduate student who sees you at the supermarket will notice, and perhaps scuttle off to tell his or her cronies.
And many species of reptiles scuttle through the underbrush.
They maintain control so the hostages won't scuttle the ship.
But you would also be known as a troublemaker, which might scuttle your chances of getting another academic job, ever.
The other is that a costly and unpopular war could scuttle their domestic agenda.
These shifts can scuttle marriages, alienate family, sever ties with former lives.
Radar-equipped robots scuttle through these drug tunnels to hunt for dope haulers.
No detail was omitted, down to the lavatory-paper holder and the coal scuttle.
They drop their loads at its base and scuttle back down the mountain.
It's preprogrammed to scuttle around quickly on smooth surfaces and slow down when traversing carpet.
Drag the boats back to the last port they left and scuttle the engines.
Either way, no amount of legerdemain will stop the computer mouse's inevitable scuttle down the long tail of oblivion.
They have been trying their best to scuttle the accord since its signing.
Personal satisfaction for a perceived slight is not a reason to scuttle your career.
In another, fish wiggle, crabs scuttle and blowfish expand with a tap of the keys.
Having cleared the decks and left a scuttle-hatch open for ventilation, my mine was at ease.
They would scuttle into their tents in the dead of night and carry them off.
More to the point, he seems determined to scuttle the ship of state rather than hand it over to the rebels.
Little is known about phenological patterns in many insect groups, such as scuttle flies.
Scholarly achievement without the balance of temperament suitable to this task can scuttle the whole process.
Together, they performed preliminary roof duties, opened the scuttle and began to cut the roof.

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