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Example sentences for sculptured

Sculptured iron splinters form a motif of barbed-wire thorns at the entranceway.
But he always sculptured and painted, and then friends started asking him to make furniture.
The trees were polyurethane cores surrounded by sculptured plaster.
It is built of rose-colored sandstone with white trim bearing sculptured details of wartime equipment.
But this broad rock-hewn trough with roughly parallel sides, is boldly sculptured and ornamented with silvery cataracts.
On the hillside overlooking the cemetery is the chapel with its wealth of decorative mosaic and large sculptured figures.
The surface of the shell is sculptured with rather course lines.
Large and diverse outdoor display of sculptured art.
Whelks have a sculptured spiral shell that coils either to the right- or left-hand side and then tapers to a point at one end.
Their surface of the shell is sculptured with rather course lines.
Each arch has a keystone, on which an eagle is sculptured.
Colorful carp fish create patterns in the ponds surrounded by sculptured pine and weeping willow trees.

Famous quotes containing the word sculptured

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