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It's the smallest three-dimensional sculpture ever made: a bull the size of a red blood cell.
Designing genomes will be a personal thing, a new art form as creative as painting or sculpture.
For prospective sculpture students, the questions only increase.
What will be indoors there hopefully will resemble sculpture.
Maxi designed the plywood tree sculpture and plywood umbrella caddy.
Our branch library had a sculpture that my mom checked out over and over again.
Visitors can watch history in the making, as drilling and blasting continue on the rest of the sculpture.
Its paths led to sculpture gardens and satellite patios tucked beneath shade trees.
Treks of varying distances transport you into veritable sculpture gardens full of eerie hoodoo.
He operates in a variety of mediums, from sculpture to painting, and frequently incorporates found objects into his work.
It's the first sculpture he has made out of gadget parts.
Each winner receives a reproduction of the sculpture.
Check out the sculpture garden while the kids climb around in playhouses hand-carved from stumps.
Lost-wax casting is a way to reproduce a sculpture or piece of jewelry directly from an original.
Sculpture in a native garden needs to be bold to stand up to the wildness of the plants.
Each handmade sculpture is unique and may vary slightly.
The detail and scope of the sculpture is a delight to see.
Chris works as a housing admissions administrator at a nearby college and teaches art sculpture.
Cruise by for surf photography, sculpture, and contemporary surf art.
The same illusion can be pulled off by cleverly photographing a carefully built sculpture.
Click here for a live web cam showing the still-standing sculpture.
Elaborately colored and curled, it is more sculpture than hairdo, and inescapably the first thing anyone notices about her.
Made of stone and steel, it is more sculpture than machine.
What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the soul.
Faces are rarely true to any ideal type, but are a record in sculpture of a thousand anecdotes of whim and folly.
Many a time had he crawled up the sheer face of it with no aid but that afforded by the uneven surface of the sculpture.
But in some of these plants, the seeds also differ in shape and sculpture.
It is not without preestablished harmony, this sculpture in the memory.
Hence arose mummification to preserve the body, and portrait sculpture to replace it if destroyed.
What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul.
Their sculpture, their frescos, their woodblocks are generally fantastic or conventionalized.
They collect contemporary painting and sculpture and read voraciously.
Imagine a sculpture that could help make the air cleaner simply by sparkling in the sunlight.
Mechanical sculpture of the metallic wood boring beetle.
Known largely for his painting and sculpture, he also dabbled in printmaking and performance art.
He carefully began putting aside the best examples of what he buys and sells, including porcelain, bronzes and sculpture.
Unlike the usual fussy tributes to naval commanders and politicians, this sculpture features clean lines and bold curves.
If you ask him, he will tell you that his work is sculpture.
Forms of figurative sculpture became the epoch's artistic tuning fork.
His major works-abandoned buildings cut into walk-in sculpture-have all been demolished.
Unlike sculpture, there is no artifact you can walk around and touch.
In the parking lot of one building you'll see a sculpture of a chicken, big enough you could ride it, pointing out at the road.
We've all seen great sculpture, and we've all seen great painting.
On the shore, towering silos have been painted red and reclaimed as industrial sculpture.
The sculpture galleries display more than nine hundred works of art from the permanent collection.
The new sculpture galleries present more than nine hundred works of art.
Originally planned in steel, the sculpture's thirteen panels and twelve arms were too heavy to function as the artist intended.

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The peculiarity of sculpture is that it creates a three-dimensional object in space. Painting may strive to... more
What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to an human soul.... more
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