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Only close scrutiny by investors can provide the kinds of discipline needed to ensure the bank's long-term success.
Many cases, when subjected to close scrutiny, prove not to have been remissions at all.
At the same time was born the spirit of scrutiny and curiosity.
Last, the energy of the puritan scrutiny of motives and searching of conscience develops into a wonderful intuition of character.
Yet a closer scrutiny serves to establish a real connection among them.
But neither their scrutiny nor their weeping had stirred the recluse.
Nonetheless, the state of the region's wetlands has come under intense scrutiny recently.
Earlier discoveries had been made, but none of the finds were able to withstand scientific scrutiny.
Scrutiny of the craft's images later led to the identification of an eleventh inner moon.
However, there have also been promising leads in the past that didn't pan out on closer scrutiny.
Whatever the name, it's the subject of increasing scrutiny.
Recently the dog sled sport and tourism activity has been under a lot of scrutiny.
The three categories that the courts have said in the past warrant strict scrutiny are: race, national origin, and religion.
Marsh came to feel that this scrutiny was destroying his life.
For a long time, it allowed him to operate under the radar, and away from public scrutiny.
The mere number of his conquests, however, was far less remarkable than his detachment and relentless self-scrutiny.
But, as a proposition under scrutiny, it makes intolerable demands on logic.
It simply means not accepting their hostility to critical scrutiny.
Mesenchymal stem cells--the other type of stem cell in bone marrow--are also under scrutiny.
But figuring out exactly how and why these patterns are related will take closer scrutiny.
In fact, the survey does not warrant the same level of scrutiny, but it is not up to you to make that determination.
The climate is favorable for so-called whistle-blowers to make outlandish claims that are no longer subjected to media scrutiny.
The reversal followed news-media scrutiny and a threatened lawsuit over the university's right to shut down the paper.
Each one has potentially grave implications for free expression and academic freedom, and thus merits closer scrutiny.
As programs mature, their business models have come under more scrutiny.
Instead, the programs need to ensure that they can withstand tough outside scrutiny, said the scholars.
Such a rule might not withstand legal scrutiny, however, says a legal consultant for colleges.
What's more, this line of thinking goes, such scrutiny and public shaming could have a chilling effect on experimental science.
The report's release comes amid growing scrutiny of the expanding for-profit sector.
But some climate researchers have recently faced the kind of scrutiny usually reserved for celebrities.
In a book constructed so as to make a point, obviously the point is going to have to be able to withstand intense scrutiny.
Unfortunately, our author finds, the various new crime measures don't stand up to scrutiny.
To lift someone else above the process of mutual scrutiny is to stand above that process oneself.
One does wonder, though, how long free rides for wealthy kids could survive serious scrutiny against competing social needs.
It is not expressed precisely in single poems, but rather is present in all, as key and interpretation of her meditative scrutiny.
The distortion that lobbyists have on the government is certainly fair game for public scrutiny and even official investigation.
And two major episodes, one of them under-represented and one of them described beautifully, repay more-intense scrutiny.
Now that he's within reach of an early-state victory, the media scrutiny and attacks from rivals are escalating rapidly.
But, unchecked by the same level of scrutiny they receive on domestic issues, one occasionally lets loose a real head-scratcher.
My impression is that this is now manifesting in increased scrutiny of these mortgages.
The screeners are taught to iterate a few levels deep into your story and see that it doesn't break down under scrutiny.
Any future deals of comparable size will inevitably draw the same kind of scrutiny.
The two knuckled down, isolated from media scrutiny.
And that was part of what invited a lot of press scrutiny and a lot of the hysteria that ensued-but a lot of that was hyperbole.
Video monitors offer ceaseless scrutiny of every outside view, one after another.
The stakes were enormous, the emotion was palpable, the scrutiny was intense.
Expertly pressed and worn with pride, a cadet's uniform received special scrutiny throughout the doolie cycle.
Governments and campaigners want tighter scrutiny of company registration.
So the temptation to take money is high and the likelihood of a rigged match attracting scrutiny is low.
To generalise is, naturally, hazardous: each merger deserves scrutiny on its own merits.
Case files could be more transparent and available for regular scrutiny by interested parties.
In particular, the following statement of hers is under scrutiny.
They are less happy when their own private lives come under scrutiny.
Christians were initially uneasy with such academic scrutiny.
Faced with such scrutiny, firms have made an array of promises.
And the fourth is that military tribunals are not open to public scrutiny.
The new interest has also brought some unflattering scrutiny.
She was the object instead of heightened legal scrutiny.
Given how many people they affect, one would expect prison conditions to draw more scrutiny.
Secret offshore bank accounts are used for a variety of illegitimate transfers and deserve special scrutiny.
Graduate programs certainly need scrutiny and reform.
No one can be sure, because the movement resists scrutiny.
Perhaps the premise which allows this needs more careful scrutiny.
In spite of the almost constant scrutiny of his peers he had somehow managed to vanish.
Under closer scrutiny, the astonishing evidence was eventually thrown out of the court of scientific opinion.
Far more interesting would be to examine whether or not the claims of successful active managers stand up to scrutiny.
The police would then have a whole new set of potential leads who would come under scrutiny as possible perps.
In practice, there are issues that get in the way of both self-scrutiny and scrutiny of the results of others.
Maybe even more as they do not have the public scrutiny of their internal workings that public corporations must endure.
The designs are under renewed scrutiny to determine whether they would survive extreme threats.
Regardless of any risks of theft or tampering, never publish until you are certain your work will stand scrutiny.
At the same time, the language of the medical-marijuana ordinance being debated is putting dispensaries under increased scrutiny.
Even companies once considered above suspicion are being subjected to increasing scrutiny.
Yet it gives much less public scrutiny to the millions who enter the country by air.
Stem cells have been the subject of worldwide scrutiny for years, yet they remain a puzzle.
And on closer scrutiny, a few troublesome facts seemed to belie the impact scenario.
But when placed under genetic scrutiny, the bones tell a different tale.
The islanders found it amusing that their dogs were the objects of scientific scrutiny.
But such scrutiny was not only of limited scientific value, it destroyed the specimens.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and extraordinary evidence requires extraordinary scrutiny.
They are both now the subject of fierce scientific and public scrutiny.
But not everyone is convinced that the results will bear up under scrutiny.
The article gives a few examples of people finding interesting results, only to have them disappear on sustained scrutiny.
Alas, the evidence for natural selection of skin color dissolves under scrutiny.
In the age of austerity measures, research programs studying biodiversity have become an object of scrutiny.
It's amazing how useful a concept it is, despite its inability to bear too much scrutiny.
The value of any idea is how well it stands up to public scrutiny and debate.
But they have yet to publish any of this in a scientific journal, where their claims could be put to some serious scrutiny.
Socially relevant inferences don't deserve less scrutiny than physical ones.
Yes, these folks make claims but none of the claims has stood up to scientific scrutiny.
If it's valid it should hold up to intense scrutiny.
It's a case where legacy counts for a lot, and innovation brings lots of added scrutiny.
These intellectual pre-commitments oftentimes cannot be subjected to scientific scrutiny and hence are religious in nature.
Typically, there is also detailed scrutiny of the way in which observations have been acquired.
Enhanced scrutiny of private banking accounts for senior foreign political figures should be risk-based.
The advisory committee or its designate should establish a system for determining which genetic tests require stringent scrutiny.

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