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Example sentences for scrutinize

Consumers are advised to closely scrutinize any lock agreement and ask their mortgage company to explain the terms of the lock.
As you point out, it depends on which part of history you choose to scrutinize.
It's their money and they have the right to scrutinize what they pay for.
All campaigns scrutinize public records showing who is registered to vote and whether they have voted in past elections.
Instead of propagating misinformation among non-experts, criticize and scrutinize the information in an academic manner.
But it was extremely well preserved and so enabled the group to better scrutinize its evolutionary relationships.
All claim to scrutinize every possible angle of the cases of condemned persons facing execution under their watch.
Teams will scrutinize hundreds of prospects through interviews, various tests and workout drills.
The new governor is right to scrutinize jobs handed to political friends.
We advise travelers to exercise caution and to scrutinize the services provided before using any third-party service.
Scrutinize your phone bills for any questionable charges and demand an explanation from any company that imposed such charges.
Scrutinize the product, the packaging and the labeling.
Investors need to scrutinize mini-tender offers carefully.

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