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Example sentences for scrupulously

Scrupulously religious, he was piously at worship services daily.
The horrendous results of what you did make it likely you will be scrupulously honest this time round.
Each item had to be scrupulously weighed because each cost its weight in fuel.
For that reason, hypermilers scrupulously obey the speed limit.
But, not wanting to appear judgmental, they usually scrupulously avoid applying moral categories to students.
They are scrupulously polite articles, but they cede to demagoguery even as they avoid it in their own writing.
He's her dream boyfriend, with a drug problem that was cured long ago and flowing blond hair that is scrupulously clean.
Don't go rushing to your rock encyclopedias for confirmation that any of this is scrupulously factual.
The study appears to me to have been scrupulously conducted.
The chief, being well-bred and scrupulously brought up, pretended not to notice.
It might have happened in a scrupulously clean bedroom.
Kraft is fanatical when it comes to giving his animals a healthy diet, lots of exercise and scrupulously clean surroundings.
Poets who compile anthologies--or even reading lists--should be scrupulously honest in including only poems they genuinely admire.
Some sweep the paths scrupulously neat, and then stand to see the next breath strew them with new trophies.
To burn well, gar- bage must be scrupulously sorted by trained workers.
He scrupulously forbore all invectives, detractions, and whatever might affect the reputation of any adversary.
In this last matter the autographs are rigidly respected, the rare intentional aberration being scrupulously noted.
Most important, firms should make sure that all accounts are scrupulously transparent.
Scrupulously, she builds the foundations of her myth out of hundreds of small observations.
There have of course been many scrupulously honest writers.
Indeed, within this framework he could not have done more, nor done it more scrupulously.
All the same these garlands, though altogether worthier and more scrupulously worked, seem somehow not quite up to their subjects.
But the ethical norms regulating informed consent from those who participated were not scrupulously followed.
The short, scrupulously designed catalog lists twenty-three paintings-not all of them included in the show-and a few drawings.
Seeing him out here makes you feel that he is independent and self-sufficing, quietly and scrupulously devoted to his own ideals.
They scrupulously investigated his family, checking out cousins many times removed for political unreliability.
In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously.
As already noted in this opinion, when a suspect invokes her right to silence, that invocation must be scrupulously honored.
Commission has attempted to heed this guidance scrupulously.
But, at the same time, the company must scrupulously avoid any excessive and unwarranted compensation.

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