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Scrupulous fossil collectors are careful always to get permission.
The subjects also read about scrupulous coffee drinkers and bookkeepers.
The city's sanitized vision turns to vapor and still less scrupulous dwellers take over again.
It has also been put together with scrupulous attention to the needs of the non-academic reader.
These comparisons are notoriously tricky to deploy in an ethically scrupulous way.
The emperor condemned his too scrupulous fears and credulity, and made her ample amends.
In his political zeal he was not always scrupulous as to historical accuracy.
The familiar essay is easier to write than the short story, but it imposes equal restraints on a scrupulous author.
From this experience he acquired a particular talent for curing scrupulous consciences, and a singular light to discern them.
One thing about them was conspicuous: their scrupulous neatness.
The over-all effect, however, is at once scrupulous and vague.
Scrupulous dental care can help avert tooth loss, but growing old gets in the way.
There is an winsome aesthetic quality to scrupulous adherence to the pursuit of scientific truth.
In this episodic comedy, the rich are seen to be different from the rest of us: more lustful and less scrupulous, for starters.
The events of the story are depicted with scrupulous adherence to the facts.
Degas, who was scrupulous about such things, made himself responsible for his brother's debts.
His record on the bench is one of cautious rulings and scrupulous deference to precedent.
On the contrary, the video-sharing website has been scrupulous and helpful.
The oil spill was caused by people, and could have been avoided with more scrupulous safety precautions.
But it is easier to defend lightly used branch lines when the network is run with scrupulous efficiency.
Domestic items offered are of equal importance, each food selected with scrupulous care.
Renard's truthfulness is the truthfulness of a scrupulous, disinterested witness.
All the more reason then for one to be, in discussion, as attentive and as scrupulous as possible.
Be scrupulous about completing work on time and take pains not to offend anyone.
The trial judge was scrupulous to so guard it in the case before us.
The entire apparatus required two years of scrupulous preparation.
The example is an exception, though, in a political environment that provides few incentives for scrupulous truth-telling.

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