scrumptious in a sentence

Example sentences for scrumptious

Fantastic stuff, and goat cheese on it sounds scrumptious.
The birds have had a scrumptious meal on the juicy grubs.
Soon the scrumptious rounds were a must- have on every dessert tray.
Add a little rice to fill out the meal, or pile the pork and slaw on tortillas for a scrumptious south-of-the-border dinner.
Sit on a blanket with your family and a scrumptious picnic and watch hundreds of hot-air balloons race into the sky.
Nobody can eat that much fruit, even after you use all you want to make scrumptious kiwi jam.
Scrumptious flavors exude everything green, from snow peas to sage.
The scrumptious recipes at the end of the book will get you pumped up and planning your new egg-centric diet for weeks to come.
The pulled pork with a smoky sauce and fresh coleslaw is scrumptious.
No beef tendons but the chicken feet looked scrumptious.
He loved it there and would cook scrumptious feasts in his sandals and bathrobe.
The people are truly extraordinary and the cuisine is scrumptious.
Roll out a new way to use venison with this scrumptious venison pizza.
And don't forget, your local farmer has scrumptious and fresh produce and products to make your holiday season a special one.
The scrumptious menu included puff pastry swans, gingerbread cookies, turnovers and pumpkin cheesecake.
Then a friend told me his favorite way to cook these scrumptious birds.
There will be lots of great vendors selling scrumptious goodies and merchandise.
Live entertainment and aromas of scrumptious food samples filled the air.
In addition, the planner will connect you with one of our local caterers known for scrumptious feasts or tempting appetizers.
Have some homemade ice cream or a scrumptious cookie while you listen to the band or shop for clothing, jewelry and home d├ęcor.
With it, you can actually prepare scrumptious meals, whether you observe kosher or not.
Serviceberries are edible, but they aren't as scrumptious as hucks.
Guests will each receive a keepsake photo and enjoy an array of scrumptious desserts.
Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast in the warm wood paneled dining room.
The chocolate covered fruits and nuts are scrumptious, but it's the truffles that you'll talk about forever.
All the lunches and breaks are included, and the food is always scrumptious.
Fresh cookies fill a deep, plastic container and scrumptious left-overs are always available.
Dress up and join your friends for our scrumptious, fancy, and entertaining annual special event.
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