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But they are also somewhat skeptical of the protestors, who seem a bit scruffy and unfocused.
It shows an unlovely ridge with a couple of scruffy bushes on it.
He had become the sort who casts about for a policeman at the sight of the scruffy poor.
He has a scruffy beard and straight blondish hair that hangs not quite to his shoulders.
Barren granite and scruffy tundra fan out in every direction.
We tossed our duffels and backpacks down to its two scruffy-looking crewmen as their vessel ground against the side of the ship.
There's the car dealer who tried to throw the scruffy hippie out of the showroom.
Firms soon organised themselves along similar lines, keeping white-coated scientists safely apart from scruffy engineers.
Yet another walks in late, looking scruffy and eating a chocolate cereal bar.
Scruffy he might be, with tie askew and too-short trousers, but he was not a tramp.
He had a scruffy-preppy look: pullover sweater, tan slacks, enormous saddle shoes.
Butler also claims some credit for the clean-cut image that set the trumpeter apart from scruffy rockers and fusionists.
When a scruffy petty criminal discovers the lost earring at a gas station and tries it on, the two exchange bodies.
Scruffy tee boxes on many holes, quite a bit of ground under repair.
Woods traditionally goes for the scruffy look when taking time off.
Slightly scruffy and rumpled, the singer had a way of imbuing the broken characters in his songs with three-dimensional life.
As it was, the scruffy pi-on-juniper forest became a skeletal graveyard of charred trees.

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