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Example sentences for scruff

Without the clown makeup, his facial scruff and sunken eyes are more pronounced.
Satisfied, the crow flutters down from the platform and grips the hare by the scruff of the neck.
He grabs the scruff of her neck and lifts her up, his other hand supporting her from below.
Catch the mouse through the bag by grasping it by the scruff of the neck.
Barking and scruff up within seconds the they were on each other and could not be taken apart.
Now lovers of scruff can appreciate the buff actor, too.
The microchip is inserted under the scruff area between the animal's shoulders.
They will attempt to escape and this extends their body so that you can grasp them by the loose fur around the scruff of the neck.
Any greenhorn attempting to occupy it was promptly ousted by catcalls or a heavy hand on the scruff of his shirt.
One was caught by the scruff of the neck and beaten badly on the sidewalk in view of the seven others.

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The consequences of our actions grab us by the scruff of our necks, quite indifferent to our claim that we ... more
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