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Example sentences for scrubs

He was wearing the type of hospital scrubs with the drawstring tie fly and nothing under them.
Two popular ingredients for homemade skin scrubs are oatmeal and sugar.
It absorbs odors and cuts through grease, and its gritty texture scrubs away stubborn patches.
It drips it down, along with optional cleaning fluid, and scrubs smooth surfaces clean.
When loaded up with a wet, soapy mop, the robot scrubs back and forth on a spot to get things shiny and clean.
Scrubs will have a new medical plan when it returns next month.
Twenty-four hours later she was on-set for her first photo shoot, trading scrubs and a stethoscope for silk and stilettos.
The regenerating cleanser gently scrubs skin, leaving it refreshed without irritation or dryness.
The biologists wear a combination of medical and nautical gear, including surgical scrubs and rubber boots.
Finally the surgical resident arrived, dressed in scrubs and holding the long-awaited endoscope.

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