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We disembark, climb into a pickup truck and bump through scrubby pastureland.
On the horizon to the east are low mountains covered with scrubby greenery that blooms yellow in the spring.
Modest, modern holiday houses peeked through stands of scrubby trees.
Aside from a few warehouses and other buildings sitting nearby, a scrubby landscape stretches off in all directions.
From here the drive enters scrubby pitch pine and oak forest and a world of lonely beaches, sea cliffs, and dunes.
The terrain ranges from gentle, flower-covered hillsides to scrubby coastal trails that sit above glittering beaches.
The fairways can get a bit scrubby during drought periods and windy in the late afternoons.
These rodents live in open, scrubby habitats and they feed mostly on seeds.
Native hardwoods are beginning to invade but it is still quite scrubby.
Found in mature and second-growth forests, especially those composed of immature or scrubby trees.
Open woodlands with clearings and dense scrubby vegetation, often along water.
The species also occurs in scrubby flatwoods and oak scrub.
Bogs, fern patches, and scrubby forest dominate this area which is dissected by numerous deep gulches.
The predominant communities here are oak scrub and scrubby flatwoods.
Image shows a scrubby plain in the foreground, with a horse in the distance, and a chain of mountains in the far distance.
The naturally low rolling terrain and mid-story scrubby vegetation that comprise this landscape promote its open nature.
The cottonwood zone is located on ground that is a couple of feet higher than the scrubby zone.
Check amongst the scrubby hedgerows for white-throated sparrows and northern cardinals.
The first two show a smallish buck with a scrubby four-point antler on one side and a forked nub on the other.
In general fire maintains open canopy, and depending on frequency and intensity either open or scrubby understory.
Vegetation, if present, is more widely spaced and scrubby than that in the vegetated categories.

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