scrubber in a sentence

Example sentences for scrubber

For kitchen cleanup you will need soap, a scrubber, a dish drainer and hand towels.
The acid-gas scrubber removes pollutants from the smoke.
Create a luxurious body scrubber for use in the shower.
The power plant's sulfur-dioxide scrubber produces gypsum as a by-product, which is used by a nearby wallboard manufacturer.
Especially when they come in with all this junk and have to get the scrubber to work.
Other cleaning tools include a sponge mop, a push broom and a tub and tile scrubber.
Another couple opts to have a themed wedding that pays tribute to the groom's profession: portable toilet scrubber.
Close-up of algae growing on an algal turf scrubber.

Famous quotes containing the word scrubber

There used to be housekeepers with more energy than sense—the everlasting scrubber; the over-neat woman. ... more
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