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Determined to bring an unruly universe to order, he scrubbed and plucked, mowed and tidied.
The stuff that is made public through official channels has already had sensitive information scrubbed, omitted, or destroyed.
The term comes from the fact that the coal is actually washed and scrubbed so that it emits less air pollution.
Bleach would help and the walls need to be scrubbed down with it as well as the floors.
The houses all seem freshly scrubbed and well maintained, the yards manicured.
Much of the tenacious sludge that inundated the area has been scrubbed painstakingly away.
Out went the idea of the kitchen as service area, where housewives scrubbed, chopped and boiled.
The emissions are scrubbed so that negligible pollution is created, and the ash is processed to recover the metals.
Her expression radiates confidence and power, and her smooth skin is well scrubbed and dotted with freckles.
The crew then scrubbed the bones and boiled them in a cauldron of water and caustic soda to dissolve any remaining flesh.
The hotel room was immediately scrubbed by a cleaning service.
Out of her own earnings she bought a mop and regularly scrubbed the lawyer's office.
She cooked and saved and sewed and scrubbed and scolded.
The skin of your wrist is scrubbed and injected with medicine that numbs the area.
Historic sights, newly scrubbed and restored, are coming out from behind scaffolding.
The first roll-out attempt was scrubbed due to weather.
The mayor said that protesters could come back, when everything was scrubbed, but can't camp.
Particularly because at the end of the process, copy editors scrubbed the text on printed out pages.
On the face of it, the clients also benefit by getting scrubbed of harmful parasites.
The waitstaff scrubbed countertops and stocked refrigerators with soda and beer.
Patriotism, optimism, and scrubbed suburban living were the rule of the day.
The splint he was wearing on his lower right leg was removed and the affected area was clipped and scrubbed and sterilized.
When they scrubbed sulfur out of coal and industrial smoke stacks, it made sense.
Tough-skinned produce, such as cantaloupe, should be scrubbed with a brush or cloth during washing.
High risk mares will be prophylactically scrubbed and bred last of any group of mares bred during that session.
Many of these substances are harmful and expensive, and must therefore be removed or scrubbed from the exhaust gas stream.

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The long high tent of growing and making, wired-off Wood tables past which crowds shuffle, eyeing the scrubbedmore
But then I've told my readers what I think and scrubbed out the remainder with my shrink....... more
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